Mahou Sensou Episode 6: More Rushed than this Post

Will the Love Triangle Wars with 4th wheel Ida make a mark on this week’s episode? Deciding to only move with the plot that involves Mui’s brother, our protagonists win over their sensei’s to go after Mui’s brother.

At least they decided to stop with the love triangles right?

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Music of the Week #124

Rah, so much work


Today was supposed to be rather easygoing day but I lost items basically means I need to do some more work. I’m actually caught up for once and I sort of like the individual post thing. Provided things go smoothly as it is now for a while, I will keep this up. Anyways, nothing much to tell you folks, just working on classwork and needing to organize my stuff a bit more. My faith in League of Legends is restored with the leaked champion being definitely true and completely awesome, so more delays on some Gametalks.

Chalk up one more anime to the backlogs as I need to seriously watch Uchuu Kyodai and Steins;Gate (rather wrap my head around it a bit more). I’ll go into details but let’s just say I’m in want of some Seinen stuff for whatever reason.

Anyways, Jojo’s music run is almost finished because in all honesty out of the 8 Jojo’s, I only like around half their themes. Case in point: Giorno’s theme sucks so here’s Jolyne’s theme that has Hendrix written all over it.

Nisekoi Episode 5: The School Swimsuit Episode

I ask myself, why aren’t I reading the manga for this? I just know I will definitely recommend it to the people enjoying the anime right now. Speaking of the manga, the length of it definitely suggests that Onodera isn’t “that” girl. Hell, I think it even turned to harem, which might either be a good thing or bad thing depending on who you are.

But manga reviewing ain’t what I’m here for. If anything, I’ll give it my own judgement if I ever get impatient and get around to it. But moving on.

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Space Dandy Episode 6: Big Kahuna Dandy

There’s a noticeable trend in each episode of Dandy that gets to me. Each episode has one gimmick and more than once does the episode show some awesome highlight. For example, the 2nd episode on food, 3 on mechs, 4 for zombies, 5 for just all around awesome, and most recently, surfing.

Taking a break from the masterpiece that I call Space Dandy episode 5, we return to the comedy roots where Dandy and Meow embroil themselves in a war between two aliens over “vests and undies”. You heard me right.

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Mahou Sensou Episode 5: Love Triangle War

Doing summaries usually bring down the enthusiasm level every time I write one but in a lot of cases, I tend to overdo them. As a way of making my writing a bit more concise, I decided to take practice by continuing the Episodic review pattern. Also because I’m only watching like 3 series this season. Scratch that, I’m watching Magi but I need to catch up with it

Anyways, enough of me explaining. Let’s get into yet another love-triangle themed episode of Mahou Sensou.

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Music of the Week #123

News News New


Alright so let’s get down to what I have planned.

First off: Witch Craft Works is dropped and recaps shall be done in Episodic Fashion now. So basically no more group recaps for this season.

As of every week, there will be a Recap by the end of the week. Since I caught up last time, I’ll be actually on schedule for once in the new year. Winter Wonfes is this weekend but I do have some stuff due the following few days so while a Figure post is planned, don’t expect that too soon. Galaxy Angel would continue if I wasn’t so hellbent on getting a higher rank on League of Legends and finishing Fallout New Vegas’s perfect ending. In fact, I wanted to do a Gametalk on New Vegas so for now, the 2nd game of Galaxy Angel is put on hold until I achieve what I need to get done in those two games. Hopefully, Dragon Age won’t interfere as much.

But that’s the story for now, I know people don’t care as much but I hate it when I have something left incomplete.

Anyways, moving on to the music. This week’s song is Higashikata Josuke’s theme. With all the synth guitar you could ask for.

Plus you can’t deny the pompadour is balling

Winter 2014 Week 4-5

Chunnibyou doesn’t really need coverage so I decided to drop it off the coverage but I “guess” I’ll be watching. The thing is, something in my head doesn’t even want to watch it but I guess I will hear something about what it intends to bring up near its end.

Only one more series needs to try to grab my attention. Witch Craft Works is somewhat boring but at least they introduced a new character. It has one more chance or it gets dropped. Magi is being wached but I honestly didn’t keep up with it, it’ll be reviewed once again at the end of the season.

The other three are quite alright.

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