Music of the Week #126

Catchin Fire

Killer Queen

So other than getting the three episodic posts out, I’ve picked up:

  1. Downloading another eroge
  2. Following the Twitch Plays Pokemon craze

What eroge did I download? A trippy Lewis Carroll-esque bugger called Hapymaher, I’ll explain if I ever need to but Google it up and you’ll see why I went for it (Hint: blonds). Anyway, I need a break from Fallout New Vegas and Dark Souls II looms around the corner. Galaxy Angel is still a point of interest but at this point, discontinued for a while as I build up my love for the series again. League is once again the only actual game I’m playing.

But Twitch’s pokemon game that has been going on for 2 weeks is something I take great joy in. Even though we rarely get things done. I hope to tell you people all about it but I wasn’t fully aware of its hilarity until last week. Go on and check it out, go worship a Helix Fossil.

Moving on:

This week’s song is probably one of the really uncommon ones. I was playing the game with my brother who pointed out the song in the Gallery mode was really relaxing. He insisted that I leave it on as the controllers recharged while we lounged around. Here’s the Gallery theme which is also called Why Don’t You Come Into My Room? Fitting as the Gallery menu narrator is none other than Emporio Alnino.

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