Nisekoi Episode 7: Totsuka Saika is a real girl

Chalk up one more member into the growing love comedy harem.

Okay so I really did end up catching up to the manga and I’ll just say there isn’t really anything “big” that happens thus far. It would be unwise for the author to focus on just one girl since that would kill sales and alienate a bunch of fans that root for their favorite character. I don’t want make myself seem like some analysists but if anything, I’ll just say pull a Ichigo 100 if one person has to win it.

Anyways, let’s just talk about that new member shall we?

A new classmate enters the classroom of the protagonists and guy’s name goes Tsugumi Seishirou. He seems very well acquainted with Chitoge and promptly gets in her face and gets clingy. The guys are sad that a pretty boy is in their class while the girls are very happy. Raku couldn’t give less shits because he’s just that dense. Anyways, Tsugumi gives some passive-aggressive treatment to Raku and calls him out to “test” him. With a series a questions, Raku ends up answering something quite literally and gets a gun pointed at him.

Nisekoi- Embarassed Tsugumi

Tsugumi Seishirou happens to be a hitman who was raised by none other than the freakshow Dio Claude and has orders to remove Raku’s existence should he see that they are not properly being clingy with eachother. Tsugumi has other plans though, he wants to one-up Raku and try to fight him 1 vs 1. But asking for a regular fight rarely happens and Tsugumi pulls out some guns to get the job done quicker. Cue chase around the school and a bunch of missed shots that question if Tsugumi has any skill at all with firearms.

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Raku and Tsugumi end up jumping into a pool and the latter passes out. Raku brings him to the locker room and tries to remove the wet clothes before finally realizing that Tsugumi is a girl. They enter a locker as Chitoge and the rest enter in and they’re eventually found.

Nisekoi- Tsugumi 1

Even as I read the manga, I just knew Tsugumi was a chick. Pretty boys that end up being girls are just more common them actually being boys. Since I read ahead, I really won’t have too many criticisms to say other than that I will give my judgement once we get the full group to show up. We have one more girl and I think 5 more episodes. Either I’m very uninformed or my deducing skills say that we might get more than 12-13 episodes. Nisekoi has around 110+ chapters at this point in time and we’re only at around 11-20 range. I’d be surprised if it didn’t.

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