Music of the Week #125


Caught up!


So switching to a episodic review style got me doing things a bit quicker. No longer do I have to wait til Sunday or the latest day of the week to post everything up. You already know how I feel about the 3 series I’m covering now. Space Dandy and Nisekoi are supplementing me until the Spring season while Mahou Sensou is there for me to laugh about it.

Not much else to say folks, other than I’m getting back into more games and once March 11 hits, it’s Dark Souls II. If I really want to, I also might buy Blazblue Chronophantasma on the 25th as well.

Anyways, we honestly finished the good Jojo themes and once we cover the next 5 from the non-character themes, we are done with Jojo for now. So to start that off, we have the Map Select Theme, the funker version of the Character Select.

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