Nisekoi Episode 6: You thought Onodera was the one didn’t you?

Like I had surmised before, I really did end up reading ahead in the manga. Lo and behold, what few chapters I read with little development just became this week’s episode. But here I am speaking of little developments in a love-comedy manga/anime.

We can forget that I said that. Note that I didn’t read that far, but I do know one other girl comes to mess up the already complicated love plan between Onodera and Chitoge. So other than that, let’s go over exactly what kind of small things I was talking about So the first half the episode regards with Chitoge’s repeated attempts to apologize to Raku for smashing his face when he was the one who saved her from the pool. It takes a few attempts to actually get on the topic and when Chitoge finally gets the thanks across, Raku misunderstands “saving her through CPR” with kissing (both their first times no less). We all know how these misunderstandings end, some male protagonist abuse.

Nisekoi- Onodera's Confession

Miyamoto finds the abuse quite unusual for such a “couple” so tries to lock on the subject of the two. Chitoge recalls Raku’s earlier words and decides to finally tell them what’s going on. So with that down, Onodera has the red carpet laid right in front of her but gets embarassed just at the thought of confessing. Raku shows up out of nowhere and Miyamoto bolts and leaves the two alone. Onodera is that close to confessing but stray baseball ends the conversation short.

Nisekoi- Pendant

Raku leaves to take care of afterschool duties and because of constant abuse by Chitoge, loses the necklace. Of course, it’s Chitoge that later finds it and returns it to him. While this has happened before, Chitoge’s reaction is quite different. She reminisces of her childhood and it just turns out: She had the exact same promise that Raku had.

Not much to say other than that I knew this would happen. Although if anything, the relationships about to be formed are going to get out of hand and more characters will show up. I didn’t read far enough to know what exactly happens so I guess the anime will help me with my lazy reading.

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