Nisekoi Episode 5: The School Swimsuit Episode

I ask myself, why aren’t I reading the manga for this? I just know I will definitely recommend it to the people enjoying the anime right now. Speaking of the manga, the length of it definitely suggests that Onodera isn’t “that” girl. Hell, I think it even turned to harem, which might either be a good thing or bad thing depending on who you are.

But manga reviewing ain’t what I’m here for. If anything, I’ll give it my own judgement if I ever get impatient and get around to it. But moving on.

Onodera’s friend, Miyamoto Ruri plays match maker as she tries to ascertain her thoughts on the relationship between Chitoge and Raku. In order to do this, she conscripts all three in her swimclub to try and test their reactions. Both Raku and Chitoge happen to be good swimmers but Onodera can’t swim at all and since Chitoge’s attitude (aka: too advanced of skills to properly teach) makes it impossible, it’s up to Raku.

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The swim meet takes place and Onodera is able to participate and out of left field, it’s Chitoge that starts drowning. Raku doesn’t even flinch and jumps into the water and saves her. His friend convinces everyone that Chitoge isn’t breathing (she is) and tells Raku that only he can resuscitate her. We all know where that kind of stuff leads to. Usual beatdown of the hapless main character.

EDIT: I did end up reading a bit ahead…I won’t say anything else in fear of spoiling everyone who doesn’t want to read the manga and deprive themselves of Kana Hanazawa’s voice.

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A series like this does some good when it has that mystery factor in to it. Although I feel like Onodera won’t be that girl. It’s kind of hard to think that when the key and the backgrounds seem to match up but I can just tell this is exactly what the makers are trying to go for. Either way, I can only judge romantic-comedies for what they are and I really can’t say this was “bad” but at least we’re seeing other characters catch on to this charade.

Nisekoi- Miyamoto Ruri


Props to Ruri-chan

5 thoughts on “Nisekoi Episode 5: The School Swimsuit Episode”

  1. Beach/Pool/excuse to show sexy flesh episodes. Happy to know they will never go away n o matter how much uptight prunes complain.
    I guess everyone likes Onodera.

    1. Personality wise, definitely my type. Looks-wise, I’m not complaining

      But something divine has to acompany that voice and this show doesn’t have it.

      No disrespect intended to the show though.

  2. I think our MC is totally infatuated with Onadera, it that’s not love. He’s seen Chitoge smiling, angry, thoughtful, sad and flustered. In other words, he’s seen her as a real person, and that’s the asks for developing the ability to love someone. (Personally, I can’t wait for Tsugumi!!!)

    1. I’ve read just far enough to know who that is 😀

      You make a valid point but I think Raku won’t realize that for a while, considering his density. Why not give Onodera a chance to show some emotion?

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