Space Dandy Episode 6: Big Kahuna Dandy

Space Dandy Episode 6: Big Kahuna Dandy

There’s a noticeable trend in each episode of Dandy that gets to me. Each episode has one gimmick and more than once does the episode show some awesome highlight. For example, the 2nd episode on food, 3 on mechs, 4 for zombies, 5 for just all around awesome, and most recently, surfing.

Taking a break from the masterpiece that I call Space Dandy episode 5, we return to the comedy roots where Dandy and Meow embroil themselves in a war between two aliens over “vests and undies”. You heard me right.

Approaching a planet that has been blown to hell causes the crew of the Aloha Oe to be shipwrecked to the surface. While Dandy and Meow go look for aliens to register, QT remains to fix the ship. Dandy runs into an Undian while Meow runs into a Vestian. As the name implies, they only wear underwear or vests and nothing else and apparently have in war with eachother so long, that they have long forgotten their reason. As the two combat each other, Meow and Dandy take this oppertunity to get some stress out of the way and start fighting each other as well.

Space Dandy- Fisticuffs

In order for maximum reward money though, QT tries to administer a peace treaty and keep both aliens alive. Everything seems fine and dandy until each alien refuses to properly exchange their most precious valuables to each other and the war breaks up again. Both aliens die in the small-scale fight and both press a button to unleash a doomsday weapon, damning everything else on the planet. QT has the ship ready to go but declares Dandy and Meow unable to be saved. At the last minute however, QT sends down a surfboard that she and Meow had doubts over and Dandy’s crew makes it out alive.

Space Dandy- Space Surf

With a premise like that, you can just tell this episode would be played for straight comedy. I didn’t try to judge it too badly ¬†because Episode 2’s premise was silly (but appetizing) and that pulled off some unexpected feels from me in the last half. I think they could have explored some deeper meaning behind (okay, not deep as in that deep but something “feels” worthy) their war and bringing up the fact that they fight over reasons that even they have forgotten. Instead, both die and the episode showcases that while the crew was unable to mend relations and save a planet, Dandy can sure as hell surf. If anything, it’s just satire on how stupid wars are and how such trivial matters end up.



There’s an interesting theory going around the community about the continuity thing going on with the episodes. In a few words, people are considering that when both Meow and Dandy spammed the Warp drive button, it created a large number of parallel universes each with their own Dandy crew. So far, we’ve gotten Episode 1, 3, and 4 where someone in the crew or everyone basically died. That leaves 2, 5, 6 with everyone doing just fine. The ending song’s reference to Hugh Everett supporting this idea. It’s an interesting one so I can’t wait to see it pan out in the end.

Special mentions to the 2-3 insert songs that played in this episode. The surfing scene was glorious and if it wasn’t for it, I would have considered this episode to be a flop. That doesn’t really excuse it too much since it wasn’t as entertaining as previous episodes. Then again, it would be hard to top off Episode 5. Dandy saves the day once again and with the new racing episode next week, I can expect some good stuff. Why is that? Well I just happen to like racing themed episodes. Stuff like Steel Ball Run, School Rumble’s racing episode, and the like. I just hope nobody in the crew dies if it does end up following the trend.

Space Dandy- Glorious Hair

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