Mahou Sensou Episode 5: Love Triangle War

Doing summaries usually bring down the enthusiasm level every time I write one but in a lot of cases, I tend to overdo them. As a way of making my writing a bit more concise, I decided to take practice by continuing the Episodic review pattern. Also because I’m only watching like 3 series this season. Scratch that, I’m watching Magi but I need to catch up with it

Anyways, enough of me explaining. Let’s get into yet another love-triangle themed episode of Mahou Sensou.

The first half of the episodes focused on every fantasy style “test” that pits the academy in question’s students. I still have no idea what Kurumi’s magical abilities are because of….well, that I will explain why. Anyways, our 4 protagonists are each assigned a different level to assess their skills but before anything meaningful can take place, 3 invaders mess up the exam. Battle ensues, and the combined efforts of both students and eventually the faculty ward them off.

Mahou Sensou- Actually Warlike

Just so I get this right: Takeshi is the “RPG main hero” sword wielding, close combat, evasive guy (basically, I categorized him as the STR weapon wielding AGI guy, yes I just explained it in DotA terms); Ida is the…close range support that hasn’t developed enough to be an actual caster. I have no idea what Kurumi can do but I guess she’s relegated to healer and the quinessential girl who shouts names in fighsts. Mui seems to be able to fight but with a gun, only ranged.

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The second half however once again strays off into another dealing between Kurumi and Mui’s ungodly affection for Takeshi. As if previous episodes didn’t clarify this, we need more scenes detailing Kurumi’s dependence toward Takeshi while the latter’s dependent status from Mui because brother issues.

The one thing I can be sure about is that Mui isn’t the tsundere here. I would have hated more tsunderes and while Kurumi does show signs, I feel sympathetic because she looks really nice. The show hasn’t really grabbed a hold of my attention since the time they actually fought somebody so I hope they can deliver more of that instead of more love triangles, that’s what I have some other shows for. Poor Ida, nobody cares about him except his sister. One more thing, I kind of enjoyed that little quip between the green haired instructor and the girl who looks like Dai-Sensei from Zombie. Rewiring past enemies into allies by memory wipe seem pretty “dark but efficient” for a series like this. By “series like this” I’m just judging it the way I see it so far. Mahou Sensou still has a few episodes to redeem itself.

Mahou Sensou- She wants it

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