Liebster and ABC Correspondence

Liebster and ABC Correspondence

To hilariously and unintentionally increase my catch-up workload already being worked on, Kai and Desperado  nominated me (of all people) the ABC Award and Liebster Award. What exactly does that entail? Well Desperado apparently nominated me for the latter  a while ago but I just had so much going on I basically forgot about it and Kai walks in and gives me this so because I was reminded about these now, I can get something done.

So what are these awards. To put it simply, the Liebster award is a rooky award and answer the nominator’s questions while ABC is basically getting to know more people through utilizing the English alphabet to describe themselves. Both of them require me to nominate others to make it like a chain mail but unfortunately, being the extremely tunnel visioned blogger I am, I usually don’t visit other blogs much. Which leaves me to say: I’ll just be doing the answering, sorry!

Oh yeah, go to their sites to see what these require. I won’t save you the trip because there are rules but since I really ain’t nominating others, I guess that doesn’t matter too much.

I feel like Desperado deserves his answer first so here I go, the questions he asked and the answers are:

1.What is the minimum would you accept if someone asked to buy out your blog? If you were willing to part with it.

The site is something I’ve spent my time on since….2010? It’s worth a lot to me not just because I worked hard on it, but I just worked A LOT on it. If anything: Close to a million. I’d consider it but don’t expect me to deal with anything less. I’m completely serious, I may sound like I hate it but I really love writing here.

2. What makes you most angry in the world?

Stubborn people who deny something extremely obvious. Let’s just say I know a person who does exactly this and I want to punch their faces in.

3. What makes you most happy in the world?

Having money. I’m a hardcore materialist but let’s be honest here. We’d all have less problems right now with money than without it.

4. What personality type can you not get along with? Like what do you hate in a person?

I respect those who are open. What’s the point of being near someone who brings out the worst in you? Close minded people like religious fanatics drive me away. I use the word fanatics because a portion of my friends are Catholics.

5. What characteristics do you like best in a person?


6. What is a true friend to you?

Someone who is absolutely cool with doing nothing at your house but still insists on just showing up to do nothing/anything.

7. If you find yourself in a difficult situation what do you do?

Analyze and think over. A lot of situations are negatively amplified by not staying cool headed and reasonable. Never lose cool and composure.

8. If you could have any superpower in the world, what would you choose and why?

Time Stopping is overdone, Gravity would be baller, but I think it would either invisibility or Time Looping would be awesome. The questions asks me to choose one so I’m going with the latter.

9. Which of the five senses would you be willing to part with for the person you love? Pick one.

Smell. Everything else is too valuable.

10. If you had to live without music or anime, which would you choose to live without?

WHY DO YOU ASK ME THESE THINGS? Surprisingly enough, I’ve been getting a lot of new music from games so I guess music? I don’t know but I can probably just read manga over anime if there was a time to actually get these questions.

11. Would you rather be famous or would you rather be powerful? (By power, I mean be able to influence others in the world to do as you say)

Being famous is overrated. I’m not a power maniac either but meh, I’ll take one over the other anyday.


With that done, let’s go over to the ABC. I think I didn’t explain this well enough beforehand so basically I just need to use all 26 letters to describe myself. So without further delay:

All-Nighting: I’m sort of the guy who works his life with “All or Nothing” sort of way. I take this mantra into games as well. I was vying to achieve Fallout New Vegas’s Perfect Good Ending when I realize I didn’t do something extremely small in one of the quests that affect said ending. Instead of back tracking 16 hours, I just decided to scrap the whole thing and start all over AGAIN.

Baddies: Extremely bad players in League of Legends have prompted me to take an extended break from it. Unless my friends want to screw around of course.

Cash: I’m trying to build a substantial amount for this year’s Anime Central.

Dark Souls II: My most anticipated game of 2014. I got the Collector’s Edition Preordered so I get me an awesome Knight sculpture.

Erudite: My classmates have trouble understanding my use of vocabulary. Either they’re dumb (some of them are) or I just love using words that much. I really need to get a notebook to note down what words I like to use. So far it’s been callous, plebian, and

Figures: Currently have 11 figures on me and I have a few that grab my attention. The one I’m going after exclusively right now is Noel Vermillion.

Grand Theft Auto V: A game that I still need to buy but I have a month left between now and Dark Souls II. Plus I have Dragon Age and Fallout to catch up on so I guess I should just wait for a price drop.

Hipster: I don’t consider myself one but one of my friends that basically just got into the Internet world is trying to show me all these cool things when I have already seen them years before.

“I”: “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived”. One of my favorite lines in a book. Too bad I actually hated the book but if you actually read Walden, you might be surprised that hating it might have been what Thoreau wanted to get out of you.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: More or less one of my Top 5 favorite series. Get onboard.

Kira Yoshikage: The most intriguing character from above series, I love this psycho so much that I hope Rikiya Koyama remains his voice actor when Part 4 gets animated eventually.

Light novels: I’m slowly getting into them, I just need a good place to start.

Master: I want Fate Extra CCC out in English and command Gilgamesh. I wish to forge the greatest of bromances. Or just have fun with Saber and Caster.

Next Season: Jojo Part 3 is coming out, Date A Live’s season 2 is coming out, and I get to rub Light’s face over Mahouka and the eventual fanboys that will flock to it.

Ozymandias: One of my favorite pieces in literature. I love concepts, ideas, and  philosophy on humanity. Not so much as wondering what we are and who we are, but much rather on what we are capable of and how we see ourselves. We take ourselves very seriously while we realize how insignificant our actions are in the grand scheme of it all. That however has not stopped us humans from doing many stupid things. Many media outlets like videogames sometimes focus on lost civilizations and monuments, and uncovering old mysteries is something I love doing.

Prophet: I found a copy of “The Prophet” by Khalil Gibran in my brother’s room. He doesn’t like poetry as much as I do so it’s basically mine 😀

Quoggoth: Yes, this thing exists (go Google it). You can only imagine how many other obscure characters exists in Marvel. Speaking of Lovecraftian horrors though, I’m into that stuff too. Except I find them an intriguing pieces of literature and not something to worship. (But it’s always fun to unnerve some religious fanatics)

RareWare: One of my favorite videogame soundtracks is from the Super Nintendo days. What other series to better represent the videogame music boom than Donkey Kong and its breathtaking foray into the SNES’s core and bring out music divine? That being said, I find myself listening to videogame music more than regular music today.

Space Dandy: The only hope for this season in my opinion. I loooooooooooooove the ending theme.

Tired: Doesn’t nearly describe my sentiments on the Big 3 Mangas right now. Extra note: I find Fairy Tail annoying too. Hell, the only reason I bother looking it up is for the girls. (I usually don’t take any series seriously when that takes precedence). Also, it generally reflects my attitude on a lot of things. Hell, I love taking naps nowadays.

Usability: How I determine what’s valuable to my goals/myself. Figures count because I like pretty, novelty things. You know what? I guess this applies to people more than items. I’m somewhat manipulative. I scammed a bunch of kids in Korea and scammed a kid out of his Egyptian God Card (you know it was a big deal back then, don’t deny it).

Vel’Koz: The currently leaked and allegedly new champion in League of Legends. If it is real, I might just get back into it.

Wordsworth: A certain work detailing mankind. It goes, “The world is too much with us. Late and Soon…”. It details humanity’s wasted potential and our love for “getting and spending”.

X: I’ve been using Wolverine (WEAPON X) a lot in my Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 teams. Respect the dive kick.

Young: Twas part of my name.

Zetta Slow!- A friend of mine lent me a copy of The World Ends With You, probably one of the best DS games ever made. I finally got a chance ot play it and hot damn is it fun to play. Other than it’s extremely difficult but enjoyable fighting system, I’d recommend this to anyone who loves a good story.

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  1. Conclusion: The Superfreak is a philosophical warlock and future leader of a group of dark mages, ready to take over the world and create a planet full of black oceans even when the sun is out.

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