Music of the Week #121

Still On the Topic


Weeks 1-3 is heavily delayed but it should be up by week’s end. Which means that weeks 4-5 are most likely being bundled together. In all honesty, this season is just a buffer for the Spring. That doesn’t mean the selection is per se bad but I’m just too excited to Spring that it makes it seem nothing is better in comparison.

I’ve basically quit my League of Legends habits in favor of finally getting in Dragon Age Origins and I’m basically booked on that for a bit. It’s legitimately been the fault for my lazy attitude toward this season’s shows (and the fact that not too many of them are amazing). Speaking of games, I just might combine a Game list toward the figure list if I ever get to it, or if the figures are just fluctuating all over, the game list takes priority.

I finally found links to some of the soundtracks of this really old Korean PC game from my younger days. I will do a Gametalk on it but of course, being the stingy person I am, I have to motivate myself to finish Galaxy Angel. Remember those?

Anyways, Funny Valentine up there means there a few more songs from Jojo that still needs to be done. You might have noticed that I haven’t picked any “Jojo” themes and that was basically my ploy. Starting things off with Phantom Blood once more, it’s Jonathan’s theme.

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