Fanservice Series Fall 2013 Review

You all know why you’re here. Too bad though, looking for good pictures is tiresome and I thought of not doing this post at all but whatever. This is for the 3 fanservice shows and my really quick thoughts on them. If you thought there were going to be pictures, you won’t find too many. This season’s fanservice sucked, and in hindsight, it’s rarely ever good.


The faster this is done, the faster I can get to working on the Winter season.

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Freezing: The one with actual plot but in the end, it’s all about fanservice. It’s basically Sekirei with some actual morality involved with Pokemon with breasts. It’s kind of hard to deal with the serious plot when every other second is showing the girls either naked, in a swimming, or both. The dreaded NTR arc was like 2 episodes long so you won’t be cheated of your pretty girls. This isn’t as bad as the other two but still, you should know what you’re getting in to.

IS- Sarashiki

IS: Not much to say here. It’s just more girls trying to woo another idiot who is obviously a homosexual. Now there’s nothing wrong with being a homosexual, Ichika just needs to come clean and ruin the dreams of around 7 girls. I treated this like DxD: For the new girls. Just like DxD though, they tried to introduce plot. It was an amusing gesture but unwanted. Who the hell waits til season 2 to show plot, it has already been decided that this wouldn’t have plot with 12 preliminary episodes showcasing the pure absence of it. The Russian sisters couldn’t save it so watch if you really want to see the girls struggle to tempt a guy who is obviously not interested.

My only reason.
My only reason.

Yusibu: This is a perverted man’s Hataraku Maou Sama. You can tell it prioritizes fanservice first when it tries to show a serious fight in the beginning parts in the first episode. Not to compare it too much but I wouldn’t even attempt to compare Hataraku’s first episode intro to Yusibu’s. Yusibu’s is a joke with fanservice tits jiggling everywhere while Hataraku made me thought I clicked the wrong show. You can tell they prioritize tits and panties over some actual exposition when they have the blondie in a skintight suit. The style of comedy was just never my type so I didn’t enjoy this as much as Hataraku. If you wanna watch this, watch Hataraku, this isn’t even worth it for the girls

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