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Noucome gets a seperate talk compared to the other series mostly because I happened to enjoy this style of random comedy. It’s like Zombie and Date A Live only I didn’t hate on anybody. No one will be as annoying as Haruna so it’s pretty hard to top that magnum of annoying characters.

This going to be a short review. If the series is mostly comedy and girls, don’t expect too much analysis or anything wise to say.

Didn’t follow me at all in the recaps? Well Noucome is a simplified version of a title that I don’t feel like typing out. Something about Japan’s light novelist’s craze about making absurdly long titles. I see no benefit other than basically giving the summary right then and there but come on. The title translates to “My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy” where the protagonist Amakusa Kanade is afflicted with the most annoying curse ever told. He is forced to make decisions at random points in time or else he’ll suffer an immense amount of pain. Couple that with Japanese school life and comedic divine intervention and that’s basicaly Noucome for you.

The last episode was fanservice oriented but they tried to pull a surprise conflict ending where Amakusa is finally forced to choose between the three girls, Yuouji, Yukihira, and Chocolat. Of course, it ends up with no choice being officially made. It’s not that I was expecting something different to happen but do they really have to try and hype it up with all the drama? Moving on though.

Noucome- Mondaiji

As always with these series reviews, it’s the omni-present Character List

  • Amakusa wasn’t a bad protagonist. I actually excuse him of his density because for all he knows, any affection a girl shows him could be either fake or get destroyed later on due to his curse. There’s some irony in the fact but let’s not move toward there. Amakusa has done enough shit in his life to become pretty used to his hectic lifestyle. I probably couldn’t have handled all the weird looks but props to him. He’s so damn resilient that it actually attracts girls and while I’d be offput by the understandably weird circumstances, this guy is prepared to do anything.
  • Chocolat honestly was a drain on resources. Cute factor was there but Chocolat’s true charm skyrocketed when it turns out that she isn’t stupid at all. I definitely sense some drama in the future (more so than the finale) but I doubt we’ll get more episodes. To quickly conclude things about Chocolat, I like her the best because she’s adorable once she gets her actual self out. It’s the dumb-cute that I don’t like as much.
  • Yukihira’s fake voice was extremely annoying to me but like nearly every girl in this series, she has another side that’s extremely delightful. If Chocolat didn’t have that other side of hers, I’d given this series to Yukihira. Other than those times she talks like she really is, I’m not really a fan of hers. I guess that adds to the charm when it comes down to it.
  • Yuouji was honestly never my kind of character so I never gave her mind. She’s girly deep down but has the extremely cheerful and random attitude that reminds me of Haruhi, so that’s never a good thing.
  • Popular Kids, namely Seira, Ayame, Yawakaze, and Yuragi. Seira is something mysterious and seems to know about the curse. Other than that, I wonder if she’s like Chocolat with all the mystery around her. Ayame is just pure fanservice, nothing more to add. Yawakaze might end up something serious. Yuragi is loli fanservice, same thing with the loli sensei.

Noucome Gif

Noucome was one of those series that seems like the harem series for the season but turned out a bit better than it usually would have. Harems always try to incorporate something like action and monsters to allow for some predictable yet appealing characater types while other harems that are usually based of eroges lack any sort of depth. Noucome’s extremely strange “choice” thing keeps the series from becoming just another harem. It simply was more memorable than IS, Yusibu, and Freezing (then again, that’s not saying much). One more thing I have to say is that unlike Machine Doll, the anime is the only thing we’re going to see of this series if we’re hanging around somewhere that isn’t Japan. The light novels are not scanlated and it’s pretty tough to what happens later on. So in a sense, I wouldn’t mind more. Machine Doll has a lot of material left so I assume we might get a new season later down the road.

While nothing extraordinary, I think Noucome made it through just fine with its gimmick. It’s definitely unique and the style of comedy happened to entertain me. The characters all have that dual persona thing minus a few exceptions so while the depth isn’t noticeable, it’s somewhat there. Fanservice is the show’s other draw and considering I used up a lot of pictures for its recaps, I approve of the fanservice. While the above series were honestly nothing special, I’d give Noucome a watch. It actually made me laugh, and that’s pretty special.

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