Noucome Review

Choices Choices Choices

Noucome gets a seperate talk compared to the other series mostly because I happened to enjoy this style of random comedy. It’s like Zombie and Date A Live only I didn’t hate on anybody. No one will be as annoying as Haruna so it’s pretty hard to top that magnum of annoying characters.

This going to be a short review. If the series is mostly comedy and girls, don’t expect too much analysis or anything wise to say.

Didn’t follow me at all in the recaps? Well Noucome is a simplified version of a title that I don’t feel like typing out. Something about Japan’s light novelist’s craze about making absurdly long titles. I see no benefit other than basically giving the summary right then and there but come on. The title translates to “My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy” where the protagonist Amakusa Kanade is afflicted with the most annoying curse ever told. He is forced to make decisions at random points in time or else he’ll suffer an immense amount of pain. Couple that with Japanese school life and comedic divine intervention and that’s basicaly Noucome for you.

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