Fall Anime Week 11

Noucome has ended so that will get its own post in a few days, seperate from the Fanservice Review Post that will include some other series. Speaking of IS, I’m not including the episode in here and if everything adheres to the 12 episode rule, I’ll be writing up the series reviews once the week rolls by.

In case of other posts, I really hope to get Galaxy Angel done but it’s Finals Week before the big break. If you hung around this site for anytime, folks coming over really does hinder work so don’t expect too much from the 17th to the early days of January. I will be working on them but won’t have that many oppertunities.

So far the series reviews to be done are

  • Machine Doll
  • Magi
  • WA2
  • Noucome
  • Fanservice (Freezing, IS, Yusibu)

That is of course, if the first three series named are going to end up with 12-13 episodes.

But for now here we go.

Machine Doll: Raishin makes it like a daily training routine to get completely physically abused. Kimberly seems to be the only one aware of this fact and calms Yaya down when the routine goes smoothly. It seems like Charlotte is working for somebody and after her assault on the headmaster of the school, she is expecting a favor on her side now. Henri and Raishin navigate the underground tunnels while Kimberly talks with her crew of mysterious associates about getting some things done. Back down, Raishin reveals more of his vengeful past of apparently having an older brother that he was constantly compared to. He finds something to level with to Henri. Soon after, they encounter one of Magnus’s automatons, Hotaru who turns out to be Raishin’s little sister turned puppet. Magnus was apparently guarding the headmaster and the four of them wait around until a dude in glasses show up to fight for a bit and leave. Some tidbits about Raishin having a fiance that is no logner valid because of his family being wiped out and off to the night arena to meet the next opponent. Apparently it’s been two nights in a row and Raishin has yet to get into an official fight but has a new plan in mind. Back in the Hall of Doom evil dude’s room, we find out that the guy behind all this is Felix’s best friend who is trollishly organizing this and sends his bespectacled butler to capture Raishin who had just fled with Henri. Raishin and Yaya draws out the butler and they square off.

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Two things I didn’t mention: Loki might be back for some more fighting and the family that’s behind this is apparently someone named the Granvilles. Either way the twists and surprise plot points get my attention but seem terribly spontaneous to actually make coherent sense. They just revealed a lot in a rush so it didn’t leave too good of a taste. I find myself liking Frey a lot more these days. It’s entertaining sure but I wonder how they’ll continue since I have no idea if this is 12 eps or 24. The light novels are pretty far in so I wouldn’t mind 24 eps. I just realized that Magnus is using Japanese names and symbols for his automatons. Plus if he killed Raishin’s family, he was in Japan….So everyone is giving Raishin shit for being Japanese while Magnus is Japanese too? What?

White Album 2: The flashback of what occured to Touma before all of this happened concludes here. While she seemed to have been a bit more passive in the triple relationship, it seems as though she had been a bit more aggressive but more restraining on herself than we saw. The night the concert ended, she happened to take the kiss with Setsuna showing up a few minutes later. All the conflicting emotions of personal flaws and trying to stay with her true friends all culminating to the moment we left off with Kitahara basically ditching Setsuna for Touma. An extremely passionate kiss breaks off into a slap and Kitahara realizing that he might get School Days’d while Touma runs off.

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Like I said before, the original White Album had a onesided effect on me because I just loved Rina so much. WA2 however is really doing its part to tear people apart (at least for me) because I like both girls. However, I find Touma a bit more appealing in a sense that Kitahara is essentially all she’s got while Setsuna is more of the perfect type that could probably find love again. Kitahara is about to hit a shitstorm so I await in anticipation.

Magi: While Aladdin continues his studies and Alibaba sharpens his skills, Morgiana explores her home country finding very little to take pride in. Slavers take notice of Morgiana’s hair and attempt to enslave her but two familiar faces from Balbadd come and stop them. Ahbmad and Sahbmad have come to the continent to have a expedition to take note of the strange carvings on the stone in a location they’re resting at. They’ve changed from their old ways and provide Morgiana with information about the other half of the Dark Continent where Fanalis still apparently live. She approaches the Great Rift, a large cliff overlooking a black fog. Morgiana dives down and tries to rappel herself using the cliff wall and her chains but gives into fear as she is unable to see anything as she dives deeper. She falls down but luckily lands on her back before long. She starts running but happens upon a mysterious man who strangely knows her name. He introduces himself as Yunan, a person who at the moment acts as a guardian between the two spaces. He notes Morgiana’s enthusiam to reach the other side but even he notes that it will be impossible to return. He encourages her to not go as he reveals that the current Kou Empire’s lord has died and a great war will befall man very soon. Sure enough, at Magnostadt, Ren Kouha leaves home but tells the Headmaster Magomet that the Kou will conquer them soon. Fast foward to the Kou Empire where all the children meet.

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Ahbmad and Sahbmad have really changed and I appreciate that they included them here since they didn’t show up where they originally were in the manga (I believe they showed up before Zagan’s dungeon). Anyways, it’s all about Morgiana once we past the Alibaba’s siblings. She doesn’t have too much adversity in a sense to overcome like the other two members of the trio, but she does have a choice. She can either cross the rift to stay with her people (with no knowledge of them or if they’ll accept her) and never come back or leave the chasm to never know the real experience of her homeland. They used the brothers’ absence in their manga places to emphasize the idea of “belonging”. The corrupt Ahbmad is now studiously researching out of his own interests while Sahbmad can actually speak his mind freely. Morgiana is torn whether if she can actually belong amongst her people while not knowing if she belongs perfectly with her friends. Kouha is a dick but he’s only doing what he’s told, Koumei seems to be the diplomatic version of Kouen, Kouen is just big bad leader, Kogyoku is nowhere to be seen *cries*, Hakuren returns with the villagers she admitted to ther household, and Hakuryu busts in with his flying plant monsters, good entrace. He may look badass now but Alibaba’s the main character.

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