Fall Anime Week 10

Here we go, actually got this done before it was too late.

I have finals next week and my brother comes back so expect some late posts for the remainder of December as I try to squeeze in a few posts whenver I can. I’ve noticed views going up so I’m having a bit more energy to write. Noucome, Hentai Ouji, and surprisingly a gametalk I did a while back have been able to garner some views. Not much to add to that but I do have Galaxy Angel which I want to get to so expect that.

Hopefully I can think of something to deliver before the week’s end so cheers. Here’s episode 10.

And yes. The gif for “the scene” in Noucome is there. Sick f*cks ( 😀 )

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Machine Doll: Following up last week’s dose of girl-who-looks-like-Charlotte, Frey identifies her as Henri(ette) Blue, Charlotte’s little sister. Evidently she wants to kill herself for whatever reason. Charlotte has been reported missing since a day ago and apparently she might be behind some vandalism claims going around. Anyways, Henri is tracked down using Frey’s retinue of dogs and we catch her again seconds away from killing herself. When we encounter Charlotte later that night who gives us her flashback about Henri trying to be a burden on purpose because of her inept magical skill. Charlotte apparently had some family issues but everything starts piecing together when Raishin consults Kimberly about who would target Charlotte. Remember the first guy he fought? Felix and his family seem to have been wanting to bite back against what Raishin did and they decided to use Charlotte’s family reputation against them. It’s basically political undermining through some violence going on. Charlotte still on some mutinous rampage targets the headmaster of the school the next day. Would have been the perfect crime if it weren’t for a meddling little sister and Japanese kid getting in the way of some energy beams

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White Album 2: Not being able to get all the girls. Kitahara feigns sickness and tells Setsuna to start the party without him. He assumed that it was a party for everyone but for Setsuna, she prepared only for two, how sad. Kitahara finds Touma and decides to spend a bit more time with her. Reassuring her only goes so far, especially when she finally snaps and tells him that he shouldn’t be like this to his girlfriend’s best friend, get a hint you filthy animal.

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Magi: Alibaba is tested to use his sword skills and dual magoi control against the oversized monkey. Amon’s Sword is taken away in favor of a regular sword to truly test his mettle. Suffice to say, Alibaba gets his ass beat and ends up with a broken left arm. He harkens back to the days of his youth before he picked up his fencing style and decides to use some tricks to take down the beast. He lures the monkey to a statue to get some debris around him. He lures it with his broken arm and is able to stick a piece of metal between its mouth. Then he places a sword to a wall and is able to cripple one of its fists. Now with even terms, Alibaba is able to dodge and strike a lot of weak but numerous slashes to finally win. Using both his skills in the slums and in the palace, he finds himself at peace and Kassim’s magoi fully fuses with his. Alibaba has gotten himself a cool streak going on as he seems to have domesticated the monkey and make Toto blush. Anyways, we switch scenes to someplace far away as Morgiana runs across the plains of her homeland.

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Noucome: Every harem has an episode like this, but for Amakusa here, this is to ease the burden of his life. While that may not completely exempt this show from the usual beach/pool episode, I’m not hating on it since I can’t seem to hate on a character here. Plus, Amakusa’s life is just so full of shit he deserves something in return. Funny enough, he’s not flustered at all since he’s been in more embarassing moments in his life so props to him for not acting like an average harem lead. Anyways, other than planning to make Ouka cry, it’s just girls in swimsuits and Amakusa suffering through his issues. I feel a bit cheated on because I they showcased swimsuits in the opening but hey, am I seriously complaining about this? Yuragi didn’t get pics cause she’s just…Yuragi.

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IS: Cecilia basically learns how to cook and still fails. Tabane seems to be acquainted with some of the series’ antagonists (yeah, they exist)

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