Fall Anime Week 8-9

Decided to tag along Weeks 9 just because I don’t want to copy and paste what I wrote here to a seperate post.

Fall is an alright season but I’m have yet to fall for a certain series. Machine Doll and Noucome are basically what makes my week and White Album 2 gives me something serious to look foward to. Knowing what will happen in Magi and seeing it zip past is…sort of good I guess you could say. Magnostadt itself was decent but I just hated its extremely rushed and bloated outcome. I’m interested in what the future brings in its current arc but enough of Magi.

I’m actuallying watching Blazblue again, who woulda thought. While it may not get covered, I will give my thoughts on it at the end of the season. Same thing for Freezing applies now.

Well instead of talking my opinions up here, click the button and let’s go for a ride.

Machine Doll (7-8): Raishin gets his ass handed to him once more when Loki overpowers little Yaya with his monster of a puppet. The fights turns into a background thing when Rabbi and Frey seem to have interconnected inner workings so Rabbi’s decaying insides is killing Frey in a sense as well. Frey attempts to fight Loki later the next day and of course, gets beat. Raishin decides to pop back up like weeds and instead of fighting Loki, decides to restrain Rabbi before any more damage is done. Shoko’s insight on puppets eventually do make Rabbi incapacitated and Raishin and Loki’s fight is delayed once more as they confront Loki and Frey’s father for his actions.

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Loki’s father commands the Lucifer, a similar automaton that emphasizes that the main body is in fact a humongous sword. Other than more colors and more blades at its disposal, Lucifer is not Amazing but it surely is intimidating. The size and armaments that Lucifer carries around makes it tough for our unlikely duo to put a dent on it. The two sustain even more injuries but Raishin uses the technique he had planned to use against Loki and applies it to Lucifer’s arms. Yaya is able to suppress Lucifer’s blade and they are able to dismantle it. Loki’s father still has a pistol available but he’s dragged away by the school’s guards. Loki and Raishin enter a somewhat friendly/aggressive acquaintanceship once the ordeal is over and Frey seems to be doing well with 4 more puppets under her command. While avoiding Loki and Yaya’s wrath (when Frey mentioned that Raishin might yet become part of their family) he encounters a girl who he assumes its Charlotte. He saves her from falling off the building edge but it seems to be someone completely different.

So finally we have a male character that doesn’t end up becoming an enemy or a future enemy (in a sense). Loki seems to be less of a dick that I thought he was but I doubt he will show up unless Frey is involved. The fight itself wasn’t too spectacular seeing as how Raishin loves to get hurt first and then unveil his awesome plan. I see some reasoning in that but that’s around the 2nd time he’s gotten gravely injured. Seems like Charlotte will get more involved so we’ll see what this brings.

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White Album 2 (8-9): It’s somewhat official that Setsuna and Kitahara are dating and our regular trio return to the boring school life and to make it better, it’s exam times. Since Touma can’t do anything that doesn’t involve pressing keys and playing scales she sticks around the newly made couple with both happiness for their future and a tinge of regret and jealousy. Setsuna and Touma had tried  to alleviate the obvious tension going on that Kitahara is somehow not able to notice, and they promise each other that they can still remain good friends. When exams finally do pass, the trio decides to spend a few more moments together and takes a trip to the hot springs. Other than usual antics involved, Touma mentions that she scheduled one more performance before they begin to drift away from eachother once the magical-Japanese highschool setting is about to be left.

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Touma is distancing herself from the lovebirds and the latter wallow in their vanilla love. The former takes some action to invite them to her piano recital, seeing them together only causes her more pain but getting in between them would be a cheap move. The episode is just the backlash of the two lovebirds have on Touma’s mental health. They constantly try to associate themselves with her but in doing so, causes their friend pain. Setsuna’s birthday comes up but Touma is already on a plane. She loves them but she can’t stand to be near them

Like I stated above, more of the backlashes of having a trio and the unfortunate third wheel seeing her two best friends have the time of their lives without her. It ain’t something new but it is something I have not seen in a while and I await to see how this will unfold seeing know we’re only in the introductory chapter of WA2 (there’s two parts in the game that was released seperately) and we have Kitahara’s post highschool life to observe.

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Magi (8-9): Speeding through formalities of getting to know one’s roomate, the magic academy turns into military boot camp with its own Sergeant Hartman. Well, minus the clothing fitting of an instructor, Myers is essentially their drill instructor and puts Aladdin’s class through physical exercise than actual magic. Days upon days of tireless workouts prepare them for their “sorting hat” as students identify their magical affinity by touching a magic vessel. Aladdin is put into fire and the physical training helps him make a far greater fire than he thought he was able to conjure. Moving foward even more quickly than before, Aladdin’s class prepares to face their exams to showcase what they have learned and Aladdin’s fire impresses the examiners and he is able to be promoted. Else where, we see Alibaba entering Laem.

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Alibaba reaches Laem in rags and approaches a warrior school guarded by a girl named Toto. She challenges him to see if he’s worthy of being a gladiator but his hunger gets the best of him. He’s sent flying and he wakes up in a nice bed. Surprise surprise, the proprietors of the nice place Alibaba is in happens to be the 3 beggar brothers back a while ago in Balbadd. They apparently got rich off their establishment here and give Alibaba some food out of gratitude. Toto and her senior find Alibaba there and the two have a rematch. Alibaba has the upper hand but Toto comes back with Magoi infused attacks. Using Sharrkan’s parry technique, Alibaba finally wins by incapacitating Toto (AKA, cut her clothing). Alibaba is admitted into the school and it is here where he learns that he holds two different magoi flows inside his being. Obvious reference to Kassim aside, Alibaba’s first fight is against a humongous ape and we’ll see how that ends up.

We are just trucking through this but if my senses are right, we’ll have another 24 episodes to continue the progression. Laem wasn’t the longest arc in my opinion and once we get through Morgiana’s portion, we’ll be going right back to Magnostadt. The true ordeal hasn’t started yet so I’ll see if Magnostadt can convince me through the anime.

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Noucome (7-8): Face off against popular kids and the rejects. Somehow, it ends in a tie and its Seira vs Amakusa. Back up a few minutes and we learn that the two had made a bet that if Amakusa’s team wins, she would confess to him and say the magic words. Amakusa does indeed win the final, intense match of (freaking) rock paper scissors and hears the words from the beautiful Student council president’s mouth. She just had to say it in front of a crowd and clasp onto Amakusa through the ordeal so naturally every student starts throwing trash at our duo. Amakusa finds out that he has one more target left and that turns out to be Chocolat who was selling condiments at the other end of the stage. With Chocolat’s obedient answer taken, Amakusa ends his mission.

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After the public display of affection the Student Council pres showed, Amakusa is now vilified at his school and can’t seem to get a break. The former actually seems to be much more than meets the eye when she seems to know about Amakusa’s predictament. While she stole the show in episode 8, Chocolat is the main girl in this week’s feature. While Amakusa is forced to choose between hugging Ouka, Yukihira, or Chocolat, he decides to take Chocolat’s unconditional attitude towards him to his advantage. Chocolat is somehow not her original self however, when people begin to gang up on Amakusa, Chocolat takes some authority and stands up for his poor ass. Further investigation reveals that Chocolat had fell on her head while waking up and the hug from Amakusa seems to have unlocked her memories. In short, Chocolat was never supposed to be the dim-witted, gluttonous free loader we saw for the past 7 episodes. She’s the exact opposite of what she showed herself to be but it seems like one fundamental thing as changed: She’s seriously in love with Amakusa. Something about falling in love and sharing a kiss seems to have effect on Amakusa’s curse but before anything sexy happens, a box falls on Chocolat’s head and she reverts back to her “flawed” self.

So much for summarizing Noucome, I seem to have written more on this than I have for other series. Just goes to show that I’m actually enjoying this since I’m not hating on a character. Usually harem series like this have some annoying girls but since the quirk of having choices break apart our main character, I guess his sufferings help.

IS (8-9): Ichika obtains the ire of every female minus Tatenashi as the latter requests that he should take up her sister Kanzashi as his partner in the upcoming duo tournament. Kanzashi is to Tatenashi as Luigi is to Mario. She’s looked like the inferior of the two and only share the glory because her elder sibling had done the impossible. Tatenashi requests this because she knows of the apparent rift growing between them and since she’s actually smart, wants Ichika to use his impossibly high charm to raise her spirits. Kanzashi takes this for an insult but repeated attempts finally do get to her.

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Kanzashi had caught a glimpse of Ichika and her sister so she assumes that she’s once again inferior to her all-around perfect sister. It would have been regular IS is she went about moping but they decided to add some extremely late plotpoints when it suggests that Chifuyu seems to know the reason behind these attacks. Anyways, unmanned suits of armor come to fight and everyone has a bad time. This is where Kanzashi makes peace with herself to overcome all odds like how usualy shounen stuff works, only the trigger is when Tatenashi gets stabbed trying to protect her. What I found hilarious is that it took Houki, Ichika, Kanzashi and Tatenashi’s combined efforts to taken down 1 or 2. When we end the episode, the other girls seem to have had no such trouble. Anyways, Kanzashi now joins the harem, how sad.

Kanzashi has now joined the nonsensical Ichika train to Hell, poor girl.

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