Galaxy Angel ML: It’s Back

After much delay, I’ve finally learned how to play these games in windowed mode! That’s not saying much since I have to take fullscreen shots anyway! So here we go folks, the second entry into the Galaxy Angel series. Allow me to take a quick moment to just talk about the slight changes within the game.

The changes will be obvious if I end up taking a screenshots but whatever. The graphics have improved immensely (but that ain’t saying much but they are tolerable compared to today’s games if one plays it now) and even in the dialogue scenes we have a few more “sprites” or rather more expressions for the characters. The HUD is improved and the interface while completely the same in style, it’s just a lot bigger.

In terms of actual gameplay, the dogfight sequences have a bit more “control” in a sense that you get to see everyone in the playing field. All enemies, Emblem Frames, and neutral/allies are shown on the leftmost fighting HUD. Finally, the game actually got a bit more difficult. So with that being said, let’s move on to the story.

The main menu screen music is pretty awesome. The original game had the regular rock intro but this new one is pretty catchy with its bass and jazzy tune. Anyways…

Moonlit Lovers here basically pulls a reverse Mass Effect. Considering that a hero renowned by the galaxy is sent to go survey the outer reaches to look after the remnants of the main bad guy’s henchmen instead of calling it a day. The game lets you choose which girl you supposedly ended up with in the first one so you really don’t need to play the first one again.

Starting the game up will have Tact give a voice-narrated overview of what previously happened in the events of the first game. When the choice of who you get to romance comes up, it goes back to the scene when you decide who to bring the flowers to for the dance.

GAML- Choice

  • Choosing Milfie basically have you both quitting from military service as Milfie seems to have used the last of her luck to save us from the Black Moon’s attack. Milfie and Tact are basically neighbors but are pretty damn close
  • Ranpha and basically every chosen heroine will accompany you to hunt down Eonia’s remnant fleet. This applies to Ranpha, Mint, and Vanilla
  • One of the reasons I didn’t choose Forte in the first game is that in her ending, she replaces Lester as your adjutant/aide which is a huuuuuuuuuuge nono for me
  • But wait there were 5 girls to choose from, which one is the emtpy room? That’s right. If you basically did not romance any of the girls, then you basically ended with the dubbed “Lester Ending” where you just get stuck with him to look for Lost Technology, and this of course leads us to the new character.

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Hitting that empty room will give us a narration of how a girl admired her father for his bravery as a soldier and the lonliness when he met his untimely end. Big hint to who were gonna romance already right?

Our favorite adjutant
Our favorite adjutant

A familiar scene plays out as Tact begins to over-relax and Lester bitches at him for not doing anything. With Eonia gone and with no one romanced, Tact is back to what he was doing from the beginning of the first game as the captain of a small ship looking for Lost Technology. The peace is broken when familiar looking ships come up on screen.

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The bridge members also locate another unknown ship on screen. When an enemy ship however blows up in our face, a hail comes in and we’re introduced to

All I ever asked for
All I ever asked for

Anyways, the only fighting force is Chitose here and our flimsy ship so consider this the hardest mission in the game since we’re extremely outnumbered

GAML- First Mission

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Actually scratch the flimsy part, our ship kicks ass so hard that our scores were dead even.

Anyway, with the fight over with, Chitose guides us to the Elsior in its cannon-less glory and we’re reintroduced to Milfie, Ranpha, and Vanilla. Luft’s orders were apparently to have us take command of the Elsior again to deal with a bunch of raiders that have been active in the local area. Something big is coming and we gladly accept command once more.

Chitose seems to be too serious in terms of military hierarchy and etiquete and she is a bit distressed over the fact everyone is so easygoing. Tact once again goes off to rest in the park and sees the profile on his newest subordinate. Near perfect scores and high praise only with the addition of being overly serious and unable to adapt.

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We meet Chitose who sings our praises during her time in the academy but Kuromie calls us down to discuss a few things. The Space Whale apparently senses something mysterious from the reaches of space and it mentions “Eden”. We leave with that info and Kuromie tells us to help Chitose out in whatever she happens to be taking too seriously. Back on the bridge, we tell Lester of this information and we decide it to run it through. While initial processing of the space whale’s info doesn’t produce much, we are able to get a faint signal that does indeed mention Eden.

Chitose walks in and we explain the details. She wishes to have some access to it so she can decipher the signal. We go off on our signature break sessions and Chitose decide to follow us.

Everyone on the bridge is awesome
Everyone on the bridge is awesome

The Bridge get a misunderstanding going on

GAML- Cera

Infirmary love test, Chitose has something growing apparently.

Other less eventful stuffh happen but saying the right things increases Chitose’s approval, which leads to easier fights. However that will not help us in the fight to come, you’ll find out why.

  • Milfie is just growing food
  • Vanilla’s pets and the
  • Training against Ranpha
  • Chitose’s Room Check

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Chitose mentions how she feels strange seeing how casual everyone is around Tact. We assure her that the secret to our success is that feel of casuality and tell her to think over it for a bit. She obviously can’t get over the fact but she’ll get used to it…or else.

The Bridge calls us to report enemy ships and we’re introduced to the loser Rezom once again. Only this time, he has an aid named Nefuria. He’ll act as the villain for now. We’ll have to make do as he has a small fleet while we’re stuck with just 4 ships.

Either way we get into a fight that’s actually a bit tough. Chitose’s mental parameters is bad due to her being distracted and the fire power on the cruisers are pretty annoying.

There was a way to beat the mission but I honestly couldn't get it done without Chitose getting wrecked
There was a way to beat the mission but I honestly couldn’t get it done without Chitose getting wrecked

Actually, I was able to complete this after 4 more tries. I got rid of all the Destroyers while I clumped everyone’s ships together and let the Elsior just swing by the middle tanking the attention from the Cruisers and Carriers while we all focused Rezom’s ship. Either way, Chitose says the same thing.

We’re victorious and Rezom flees and Nefuria seems to have something bigger in mind.

Chapter 1 finishes there folks. There’s only around 5 Chapters in this game since no introductory chapters are needed like last time. I’ll see what I can do to divide up the other 4 chapters. So see you then

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