Music of the Week #112

The Jojo train ain’t stopping here folks

Jojo High

So I’m finally caught up with Weekly animes and I have some free time available to me to plan some non-weekly stuff. Galaxy Angel is just not fitting in my usual time schedule so I’m going to tweak my usual gaming pattern to make up for this. Actually, I’m not even playing that many games anymore, rather, I’m watching a friend play. I got one of my good friends to start playing Kamidori Alchemy Meister (which I really need to talk about) and suffice to say, it’s a freaking enormous RPG that also has some nice girls in it.

I actually have a Jojo post in mind and a manga post coming up. It’s been ages since I started reading some manga since Countrouble, but that ended a while back so I might decide about talking about it. Speaking of Countrouble, this new one I just picked up reminds me a lot about that certain series both with intrusive supernatural girls and BEAUTIFUL art. It’s drawn by the artist Chun who drew an extremely recent League of Legends doujin but yeah, I’ll talk about that when we get there.

Continuing the Jojo train we have Akira Otoishi’s theme for this week. RCHP’s Can’t Stop (one of my favorite songs) can be heard in the middle so enjoy

5 thoughts on “Music of the Week #112”

  1. Your constant featuring of the Jojo All-Star soundtrack is hyping me up more and more as 2014 and its Western release draws nearer.
    I WILL get the game and hopefully your interest in it will not have dwindled entirely…unless Jojo 2014 also premieres in Spring.
    I owe you so many online battles…I owe many people online battles.

    1. Man, I haven’t gotten to my favorite tracks yet.

      I still have a lot to figure out in the game because they discovered the game’s new gimmick (taunt combos), so I’ll still be playing for a bit.

      And yes! Jojo Part 3 airs in Springtime

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