Fall Anime Week 5-7

YuSibu will be watched for bunnysuit Airi, Log Horizon is a bit too light hearted than I’m comfortable with, me not watching the first season of Little Busters makes Refrain essentially mean nothing to me without Yuiko, and Blazblue is just going all over the place. Might watch for girls it just shamelessly puts on for the fanservice. I’m weeding out the series I’m not enjoying too much. Fanservice series will still be “covered” in a sense but don’t expect regular sort of recaps.


As apologies for being 3 weeks late, I decided to tack in last week’s episodes so I’m technically caught up. This week isn’t that busy so I’ll be able to work on other stuff I have in mind. Thanks for the patience and here you go, Weeks 5-7

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Machine Doll (4-6): Raishin finally shows some of his skills as he fights off Felix. That’s not saying much when his style of fighting (or rather Yaya’s) is more or less rush down, leaving Raishin usually open to get abused. Felix and his puppet Eliza (assuming the role as Lisett) work off stolen magic and has access from his victims. The only rule being unable to equip multiple stolen spells, think Kira and Killer Queen’s ability to arm only one bomb (did I seriously just compare these two?). Excess amounts of blood loss on both Raishin and Yaya’s part seep into the currently wator vapor form Eliza and she malfunctions since she absorbed another magical substance while another was active. Felix gets one sucker punch and falls. Raishin is admitted into the festival just like that.

So after helping the pretty damsel in distress with a murder case, Raishin is once again given another troublesome female to deal with. Frey is a buxom girl who seems to have the drive but not too much of cognitive thinking skills. She attempts to set traps but usually gets caughts in her own. Keeping up with the naming originality, we have her brother Loki who seems much smarter. Frey’s puppet errors itself out and attacks Raishin without Yaya present. Shoko seems to deem a location worthy of some information so she deicdes to make Raishin do some reconnaissance work with her third puppet, Komurasaki. On the other side however, Yaya gets mauled.

Inside the complex, Komurasaki and Raishin meet with a dog automaton who mothered the many other dogs outside and the automaton Frey is using. She calls herself Yomi and explains what happened to Frey and Loki’s family. Before things get too comfortable they are attacked and Yomi sacrifices herself to let the two survive. The Festival finally begins and Raishin is pitted against Loki

It’s a straightfoward enough to keep me entertained but I don’t find the series too endearing for me. I mean it ain’t bad but it ain’t great either. I mean Raishin is so brooding when he talks and acts but he ain’t that big. If he has talent, I ain’t seeing it yet.

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White Album (5-7): A misunderstanding is clarified and a stronger relationship is built upon it. That’s essentially episode 5 and of course, Touma getting a bit pissed off at her supriors. Touma gets in a bit of trouble and Mr. Do it all can apparently take care of quite literally everything for her. The latter returns to the school to help out but only ends up dragging Ogiso out of her role and getting onboard a train. The two share a moment but all that effectively vanishes when she learns that he and Touma have been writing songs. Ogiso noticebly bites her lip and smiles. The day of the concert finally arrives and the musical trio play White Album and Sound of Destiny (the two big songs by the previous White Album main characters Yuki and Rina). Haruki nails the guitar part and once the show ends on a high note and then something else begins. Touma seems to realize that Haruki views her as a “friend” while he views Ogiso as something else. She legit cries but Haruki doesn’t take notice of it. Fast foward hours later when Haruki wakes up with Ogiso greeting him. Apparently he’s been asleep in the music room for hours and she came to get him. Leaving becomes the least important thing as Ogiso works up the courage to confess. The drama is about to start, and this is looking pretty bittersweet since I’m actually liking both Ogiso and Touma.

Been a damn long time since a legit love triangle. That’s most likely, however, my fault since I parade around watching pointless harems but enough of that. Finally after all this preparation we move on to the more dramatic part of WA2. I feel very conflicted because I actually find Setsuna and Touma both likable. I was extremely biased toward Rina in the original so I never felt too much tension but now there’s this. I’ll be looking foward to this.

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Magi (5-7): The crew head inside the base of the ruffians and confront the Big Mom. She apparently uses magic to brainwash kids to believing she will take care of them in exchange for getting more kids to follow her. Since these kids were orphans, this effect goes down extremely well. Because more than half of our crew has maternal issues, they’re obviously in trouble. Turns out its weakling Hakuryu to be most affected by this and he turns on everyone. This would be a problem if Hakuryu was anywhere near stronger than our 3 remaining combatants so the threat is removed a lot simpler than it turned out to be. The kiddies are apprehended and Maudura is sent to prison. Hakuryu wakes from his hypnosis and decides to go metal by beheading Maudura in front of everyone. The kids are outraged by Alibaba levels with them and convinces them to stay in Sindria for the time being. The time for departure nears and Hakuryu departs first but not before confessing to Morgiana. The latter is unable to respond properly leaving the weakling prince sad but still determind to overthrow his home country. The remaining three spend their last day together and to be frank, Aladdin had some fun while Alibaba got traumatized. Morgiana and Alibaba exchange farewells after Aladdin goes off solo on his carpet. Aladdin hitches a ride from a carriage and meets Ren Kouha, one of the legitimate siblings of the Kou Empire’s royal line. He’s somewhat of a sick puppy but seems to be more sane than Judal is. Aladdin passes the first of the preliminary tests at the gate and he enters the Magnostadt Academy of Magic.

I personally didn’t think Magnostadt’s Arc was the best. It was good but not the best Magi had to offer me personally. It gets good when morality comes into question in the midway point but the end in my opinion gets blown out of proportion REAL quick so watch out for that those who have high expectations.


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Noucome (4-6): Chocolat decides to enroll and chaos ensues when all the males get mad and the girls get creeped out. New characters come forth when Amakusa meets the Student Council/Popular kids and is given the mission to make all the girls present in the room to say they like him. Enter Yuragi the loli, who loves to call everyone onii chan. He is able to get Yuragi, Ouka, and Chocolat to say it but Ms. Big Tits, Yawakaze, and Yukihira remain. Yawakaze is the first to be aimed but her unwanted guards beat the hell of Amakusa for trying to strike a conversation. Even after the incident last time, Yawakaze is willing to say the magic words if it helped Amakusa out. So with kindness, Amakusa heads toward getting Reikadou Ayame to say she likes him. Choices get in the way of an already futile conversation and he says silicone which makes her panic. Reikadou takes his intentions as a guise but he honestly really just wants to hear the magic words more than anything. She eventually does and Amakusa bolts. Yukihira’s love for cute things prompt Amakusa to dress up as her favorite character (an admittely cute looking pig) and Yukihira unloads a huge swath of emotion and her tendencies to act in a completely different way. Things do go to plan and Amakusa is nearing completion but then he’s given the choice to either have himself reveal his identity to the unknowing Yukihira or get the mission done but lose all memory of what transpired. Unfortunately, the latter is done.

Why is Yukihira so cute?

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Freezing (5-7): Other than hottie Elizabeth getting horribly punished, we have the DREADED Siblings arc with Satellizer and her monster of a brother. He isn’t even that intimidating either, he’s just got the mental advantage over her. Not too many comments on this one, minus that it’s just as disturbing as when I read this part YEARS ago. I guess the fighting was elongated for the manga since the fight only lasted one episode here. Oh well, glad that NTR stuff is over with.

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IS (5-7): Group fanservice episode followed by a strictly Charlotte episode. At this point in time, realize that I’m bored of the primary cast and just want Tatenashi on the screen. When is her sister going to show up dammit? Oh wait there she is….and the episode ends.

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YuSibu (5-7): Blondie finally gets the bunnysuit on, I am intrigued.

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