Music of the Week #111


Just a bit more

Jojo Punk

Last weekend wasn’t particularly busy for me in a sense I had a lot of work to do but allow me to explain why Weeks 5-6 haven’t gone up yet. I play League of Legends a lot and when I heard of the Season 3 rewards for playing ranked I decided to finally play some ranked games after around 1000+ normal games. Idiotic teammates would put me in Bronze, the lowest ranked tier with no rewards. I need around a 100 points (around 22-26 given if a game is won) to make it to Promotion games. 3/5 of these games must be won for me to get into the next tier, Silver. I was able to play all those games and was able to make into Silver with 15 minutes to spare. I’m not gloating the fact I made it to Silver but the climb the hellish ladder filled with trolls and idiots really made it seem like an accomplishment. I wish to aim higher but now isn’t the time.

With that aside, Weeks 5-6 is pretty close to being done and I can imagine that around Friday-Saturday it will go up.

Music time folks. This week its Koichi Hirose’s theme from All Star Battle. Koichi is the first person we see recieve a Stand and go through the process of understanding its power. If there’s any inner character development in Part 4, it’s present within the midget body of Koichi.

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