Fall Anime Week 3-4

Since this is pretty late, you can expect Weeks 5-6 and to bundled as well.

Yusibu is wearing down at me because its brand of comedy just dosen’t entertain me. It has been relegated to “just for that one girl” series. Log Horizon just has too much sidetracking for me to feel immersed. Plus, all urgency is non-existent since death ain’t a big problem. YuSibu and Log Horizon  will not be “covered” per say but I will continue to watch them although they are bordering the drop list.

Blazblue Alter Memory (2-3): Hakumen engages Ragna in battle while on the other side, Noel trudges near one of the Cauldrons and meets the Nu. A fight breaks out between the two and while Noel has the upper hand, she slowly starts getting scared at how Nu isn’t falling over after all the damage. Nu corners Noel, but Ragna seems to have gotten himself out of Hakumen’s fight and then saves Noel. Nu switches over to yandere mode and Ragna remembers the two of them getting stabbed. Fighting once again ensues and much like how this went last time, Ragna and Nu get stabbed and begin to fall. Noel however saves Ragna which more or less diverts from what was originally going to happen.

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So apparently green haired captain was the asshat who got Ragna into the entire mess from the start. Ragna being the totally rational man attempts to slice his tormentor in half. Instead, loli vampire Rachel decides to warp out Ragna and Noel outside. Before other subplots get too complicated, Ragna gets into yet another fight with a small child wielding a puppet that’s apparently his sister. Little kid gets wrecked and Ragna falls beneath into the city underneath and we see the catgirl Tao and squirrel girl Makoto but the latter walks off. Other than the busty Doctor Litchi healing Ragna, not too much else other than Hazama wants to get his hands on Jin and Noel again.

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Magi Kingdom of Magic (3-4): Aladdin to Magnostadt Academy, Morgiana to her homeland, and the Ren siblings back home. Everyone except Alibaba boards the ship to travel to their respective destinations. Little to they know that Alibaba has stowed away onboard as he cannot bear the thought of being alone. While he expects to hear his companions lamenting about leaving him behind, they dont’ seem too fazed. Turns out that everyone knew he snuck aboard and only said those semi-insults to troll him a bit. Other than their respective teachers argue who taught their pupil the best, the group near their destinations, but of course, problems arise

Little pirate children invade the ship but we have 3 vessel users and a freaking Magi. Even so, Aladdin gets held hostage and the kiddies make off with the cargo, which apparently was pretty valuable. Our three users are left alone and hear of these band of children kidnapping others and taking off goods for the sake of their leader. Aladdin witnesses how these children use a strange device to keep their ship underwater. Aum Madura, the strange lady who “mothers” all these children seems a bit too kind to be true. Zagan’s powers help our users find the pirate’s hideout and of course, we’re in store for a fight.

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Machine Doll (2-3): Raishin makes the mistake of picking the wrong fight when big pimp with his 6 mechanical dolls subdue the former. Either way Raishin keeps himself a downer when he thinks of the difference in skils compared to the guy who just restrained any movement in a blink of an eye. He’s called out by Felix Kingsfort, one of the members of disciplinary committee, who offers him an assignment that if completed, might allow him entry into the festival. A serial killer is on the loose and Felix wants Raishin to stop him, since Raishin has legitimately nothing better to do, he might as well. Later on he’s joined by Charlotte who wishes to help solve the ordeal but that involves them faking a date. The date unexpectedly goes pretty well but they return to the dorms with the murderer already in action.

The two can’t really fight the murderer and Felix friendzones Charl out of the way for her safety. Raishin returns home only to find his mentor Shoko who lectures him on Yaya’s power. Flashback to learn that Raishin is apparently the last of his “clan” and he was given Yaya to exact vengeance to the person who killed his family. Raishin heads toward a vault filled with automatons but he investigates away from Yaya. He learns that committee member he spoke to earlier is actually dead and the one taking her place is actually an automaton. Charlotte on the outside tries to investigate but when Raishin’s body is wheeled out, Felix more or less tells her that he set her up and he’s the killer. That’s all it takes for Yaya to go apeshit and Raishin to get up and prepare for a fight.

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White Album (3-4): Touma is a lot more of a hassle to recruit than the eager Setsuna. The former refuses to join the band while the latter tries to convince her other wise. Persistence eventually gets the better of Touma and the light music club (with actual music so gtfo K-On). More references to Rina make me happy and wish White Album had a better protagonist/visuals now that Iook at the cameo in this one.

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Noucome (2-3): Amakusa meets the mysterious girl who has nothing regarding information other than that she was sent for God to help turn around Amakusa’s life. The God actually gives him a call and tells him that the only way to rid of a curse is through completing random assignments given to him called missions. Getting through all of them will ensure the removal of his curse while failing a single one will condemn him forever. Skeptical at seeing an almighty god not remove the curse ends up with Amakusa turning into a girl for a brief moment. Anyway, he receives a mission to make Yukihira laugh. The entire day goes by with Amakusa trying to do just that but of course, nothing is that easy. After humiliating himself throughout the day, he goes up the roof to find Yukihira crying. Yukihira turns out to be a completely diabetes inducing but that moment dies out when Amakusa blacks out and Yukihira returns to her former self. The mission still stands to make her laugh and what gets her is a banana peel trip so the missions ends just like that. The next one comes immediately and it is to flip the skirt and see Japan’s favorite article of clothing of Yawakaze Konagi, the quinessential innocent girl who gets terrorized by Ouka every now and then. She more or less states (after an increasingly awkward conversation) that the person she likes can see them. Ouka arranges a date with all three of them and while nothing is successful in the process, a lucky wind reveals what Amakusa needs to save his life.

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Freezing (3-4): All the deal with original Pandoras and aritificial pandoras are put to rest when one of the artificial ones volunteers herself to be experimented on for a new batch of stigmatas. The operation goes horribly wrong and the the volunteer becomes a monster. Everyone partakes in the mercy killing and by the end of it, Elizabeth Mably goes rogue. You have to wonder what all the guys are doing while this is going on..

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Little Busters (3-4): Something is horribly wrong is going wrong as everyone seems to have no recollection of what happened. What’s worse is that our main protagonist seems to have gotten to the wrong route with no load option in sight.

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IS (3-4): Quite honestly nothing happens that’s worth mentioning other than that we have some crazy bitch that might actually be related to the P-word (it’s Plot by the way).

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