What the hell is Kantai Collection?

What the hell is Kantai Collection?

A few years back, I did a basic summary of Touhou and Vocaloid to the newer audiences for the site. One can never too late to hop aboard and get introduced to two of the largest multi-media projects the two represent so other than my bad writing from years ago, I still consider it an informative post to newcomers.

So judging from the title, one can expect me to clarify another rising multi-media fad: What exactly is Kantai Collection? Since I’m an image board lurker who happens to see a lot of pretty images every day, I encountered a humongous increase in these characters who appear in this strange media rookie that is Kantai Collection.

If you want the extremely shortened version, the entire thing can be summarized in two words: Moe Battleships

Those who wish to know more, look no further.

Following the success of adding girls/turning inanimate objects into girls, Japan has decided to turn yet another sort of mechnical war machine into cute anime girls. As I’ve minimally addressed above, the game features girls based off Japan’s fleet of ships. Essentially it’s Strike Witches only with characters who wear some clothes.

Kancolle Gameplay 1

To my limited knowledge Kantai Collection is a free online card game that was made by Kadokawa Games. They’re more famous for their manga and magazine publishing but of course, they work on games as well. The key word being Card-game (or free, for some of you). Because I haven’t played the game yet (will probably try to sooner or later), I really can’t go into too much depth. With cards involved however, I can imagine some actual tactical gameplay style or just facerolling once you get extremely overpowered cards. Of course, finding said overpowered cards is a hassle all on its own. But the other main draw for this game is basically what made Touhou popular: Lots of girls

Kantai Collection Girls

However unlike Touhou, the ingame art is pretty decent compared to how the beer connoisseur ZUN started off his solo project. The game starts of with you becoming the new “Admiral” of this literal fleet of girl.  You have many options to consider and you must choose wisely to wage war and earn victory. Classes like Carriers, Battleships, Destroyers, Cruisers, Submarines, and the likes provide basic firepower to much more complicated strategies. Alluding to a particular class’s attributes, characters have their own “traits”. Heavy ships are usually bustier than their lighter counterparts. Similar ships have usually the same style of clothing and to put it simply: You can probably find out which ships are related through their apparel.  A multitude of artists took part in the official art and there’s around 150 girls in the game’s files. Voice acting is present within the game with a voice actor representing a class of ships.

Kantai Collection BreakKantai Collection Repair Needed

Other than combat, there’s customization and upgrading involved. Ranking up cards more or less “evolve” and gain new equipment. Since the girls are supposed to be ships, repairing and building new stuff is required to “upgrade” since you know ships can’t get new guns out of thin air. Like traditional/micromanagement type RPG’s, you go into maps/sectors to fight enemies, gain experience and to maintain ships and strengthening others. Much like TF2, new weapons or even girls can be either be recieved as a drop or crafted through items. When you think about it, it’s essentially a web-browser RPG game, only with tons and tons of resources backing it up.

This F2P game currently has a quickly expanding fan/playerbase and is sure to gain more with the planned releases of light novels, mangas, and even an anime series. While I have no idea what the hell it’s going to cover and which characters it’s going to star, I can only imagine it will draw an even larger audiences.

EDIT: This post turned out a bit more popular than I thought it would. Looking back at this at the moment, I forgot to mention about accessing the game. Since the server only recognizes Japanese IP, one must proxy to actually play it. Coupled with the fact that the playerbase has swelled since launch and it works like a lottery so good luck getting an account in the first place.

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  1. The funny thing about this you can quite easily differentiate the ships just with the looks. When it’s lolis, they usually represent the more smaller, weaker but mobile ships and for the ones possessing bustier oppai, they are usually the more powerful ships.

    • Good to hear from you Judge.

      Figures already cost me enough money, I don’t think Nendos will be healthy for my wallet. I’ll be interested in what the anime provides and I’m already enamored by one of Kancolle’s characters

  2. Hey! I know this is kind of off-topic however I had to ask.
    Does managing a well-established blog such as yours require a
    massive amount work? I’m brand new to writing a blog but I do write
    in my journal every day. I’d like to start a blog so I can easily share my
    own experience and views online. Please let me know if you have any kind of suggestions or tips for
    new aspiring blog owners. Appreciate it!

    • I’m grateful that you would ask someone like who doesn’t even consider himself a “serious” blogger.

      I’m still a student so keeping up with things is hectic but not impossible. I somehow drifted into the more active spectrum of anime-blogging as an Episodic reviewer. I normally tend to marathon everything I want to cover starting on Friday nights and work on them gradually towards the end of the weekend. For example I am covering, in order, Blade Dance, Jojo, SAO, and Dandy. Let’s say it was the new season and it started off with Blade Dance. I would watch it and prepare something for publishing by Friday. Then Jojo that comes out on Friday gets published Saturday while the other two shows follow the same pattern.

      Case in point I just push everything towards the weekends and adjust my writing schedule to fit that. Thankfully this season, the majority of the shows are released on the weekends.

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