Galaxy Angel ML: It’s Back

After much delay, I’ve finally learned how to play these games in windowed mode! That’s not saying much since I have to take fullscreen shots anyway! So here we go folks, the second entry into the Galaxy Angel series. Allow me to take a quick moment to just talk about the slight changes within the game.

The changes will be obvious if I end up taking a screenshots but whatever. The graphics have improved immensely (but that ain’t saying much but they are tolerable compared to today’s games if one plays it now) and even in the dialogue scenes we have a few more “sprites” or rather more expressions for the characters. The HUD is improved and the interface while completely the same in style, it’s just a lot bigger.

In terms of actual gameplay, the dogfight sequences have a bit more “control” in a sense that you get to see everyone in the playing field. All enemies, Emblem Frames, and neutral/allies are shown on the leftmost fighting HUD. Finally, the game actually got a bit more difficult. So with that being said, let’s move on to the story.

The main menu screen music is pretty awesome. The original game had the regular rock intro but this new one is pretty catchy with its bass and jazzy tune. Anyways…

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Music of the Week #113

Break Week. By the way, now I’m actually going to tag stuff…

Jojo High

Classes are being asshats because I have a few projects due a day after break ends. I essentially have today and 4 days to get them done while trying to get something out of this week and post something that isn’t a weekly recap. Speaking of recaps, I decided to tack Last week and this week since I’m caught up but I just want to bunch them up for now. Galaxy Angel just needs to be added with some detail and picture order clarifiction so that’ll be up in a bit. I scrapped my figure post because it’s just too….chaotic for me to try and make a coherent post. I did go through a cleansing  just recently that idea might surface again. Also got a big Jojo post coming in so that’s a plus too.

I’m shuffling my cash as my mind tries to decide a pretty figure should be bought or if a brand new game would be the right choice. The game in question is Grand Theft Auto V and on Black Friday, it’s gonna be put on half price and it’s a marked item that is guranteed to be in stock for the first hour at Walmart. The figure is Yagyu Jubei from Samurai Girls which isn’t exactly “my” sort of series but if a figure looks good, I’ll usually fall for its charms. The version I’m eyeing is the swimsuit one and I’m deciding between the red one or the white one. I had a similar predictament when comparing another figure that happens to be in the same series, Naoe Kanetsugu. Pink or Green and I chose the latter but nevermind that.

I’ll pick something eventually because I want to get one before Christmas rolls by. Moving on to the music: We covered Akira Otoishi’s theme and now we move on to my favorite villain’s theme. This week’s theme is Kira Yoshikage’s theme from All Star Battle, enjoy.

Shinigami-Sama to 4-nin no Kanojo

It’s a rare occurrence for me to pick up a manga. I mean in the entire manga scene for me its just a handful of series.

I’m keeping up with Naruto because it’s going to end but they’re drawing out all the friendship and love conquers all thing a bit too much. I gave up on Bleach and One Piece but apparently the former is in its final arc but that was stated like a year ago. Omamori Himari is in on its last volume and I still love Himari and Kuesu so everyone else can go die. Hayate no Gotoku is getting on my nerves because Nagi is my least favorite character and they dedicated a good year and half to her manga arc and it’s finally over. I just want my Athena back alright? TWGOK is just trucking ahead and I’ve honestly have not been keeping up with the entire hell conflict. Nagasarete Airantou still exists and I’m not liking it too much because it started to form a plot and that’s never good in a harem (that took 100+ chapters to make a plot). Fate Extra’s manga is extremely rushed but I love Saber so I can let it slide

Well wasn’t that just pointless. Enough about my old reads, let’s get into something new.

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Music of the Week #112

The Jojo train ain’t stopping here folks

Jojo High

So I’m finally caught up with Weekly animes and I have some free time available to me to plan some non-weekly stuff. Galaxy Angel is just not fitting in my usual time schedule so I’m going to tweak my usual gaming pattern to make up for this. Actually, I’m not even playing that many games anymore, rather, I’m watching a friend play. I got one of my good friends to start playing Kamidori Alchemy Meister (which I really need to talk about) and suffice to say, it’s a freaking enormous RPG that also has some nice girls in it.

I actually have a Jojo post in mind and a manga post coming up. It’s been ages since I started reading some manga since Countrouble, but that ended a while back so I might decide about talking about it. Speaking of Countrouble, this new one I just picked up reminds me a lot about that certain series both with intrusive supernatural girls and BEAUTIFUL art. It’s drawn by the artist Chun who drew an extremely recent League of Legends doujin but yeah, I’ll talk about that when we get there.

Continuing the Jojo train we have Akira Otoishi’s theme for this week. RCHP’s Can’t Stop (one of my favorite songs) can be heard in the middle so enjoy

Fall Anime Week 5-7

YuSibu will be watched for bunnysuit Airi, Log Horizon is a bit too light hearted than I’m comfortable with, me not watching the first season of Little Busters makes Refrain essentially mean nothing to me without Yuiko, and Blazblue is just going all over the place. Might watch for girls it just shamelessly puts on for the fanservice. I’m weeding out the series I’m not enjoying too much. Fanservice series will still be “covered” in a sense but don’t expect regular sort of recaps.


As apologies for being 3 weeks late, I decided to tack in last week’s episodes so I’m technically caught up. This week isn’t that busy so I’ll be able to work on other stuff I have in mind. Thanks for the patience and here you go, Weeks 5-7

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Music of the Week #111

Just a bit more

Jojo Punk

Last weekend wasn’t particularly busy for me in a sense I had a lot of work to do but allow me to explain why Weeks 5-6 haven’t gone up yet. I play League of Legends a lot and when I heard of the Season 3 rewards for playing ranked I decided to finally play some ranked games after around 1000+ normal games. Idiotic teammates would put me in Bronze, the lowest ranked tier with no rewards. I need around a 100 points (around 22-26 given if a game is won) to make it to Promotion games. 3/5 of these games must be won for me to get into the next tier, Silver. I was able to play all those games and was able to make into Silver with 15 minutes to spare. I’m not gloating the fact I made it to Silver but the climb the hellish ladder filled with trolls and idiots really made it seem like an accomplishment. I wish to aim higher but now isn’t the time.

With that aside, Weeks 5-6 is pretty close to being done and I can imagine that around Friday-Saturday it will go up.

Music time folks. This week its Koichi Hirose’s theme from All Star Battle. Koichi is the first person we see recieve a Stand and go through the process of understanding its power. If there’s any inner character development in Part 4, it’s present within the midget body of Koichi.

Music of the Week #110


Jojo Punk

The busy part of my life has past and it will occur again around a month later. With Weeks 3-4 done, I must trudge through Weeks 5-6 this week before I get even more behind. Other than catching up with weekly anime (which is more or less fanservice oriented again), I would like to pick up Galaxy Angel and continue where I left off. I have most of it written but it’s just a skeletal base at the moment.

I’m finding myself extremely lacking in gaming experiences at the moment. LoL is taking its toll on me and ASB can only be so much fun without finding anyone to fight online. With some money on me, I think GTA V can entertain for me for a bit, but of course my intentions to buy some figures are preventing me from using any sort of money at all.

Enough of that though, let’s get on with this. This is Okuyasu’s rocking theme. In all honesty though, Okuyasu’s combo potential is pretty low without sacrificing meter. The recent patches did help him set up some knockdown-unblockable set ups but quite honestly, his lack of punch spam or projectiles leave him pretty low in my personal tier list. Either way, he’s still fun but I wouldn’t pick him if there ever were a tourny.