Cowboy Bebop: Asteroid Blues 15th Anniversary

“Yo, dinners’ ready”

15 years ago this day, Cowboy Bebop’s first episode was premiered in its official broadcast. Beginning with the foreboding church bells as Spike walks away on the fated day of his departure. Then of course, the world famous opening theme.

Who knew exactly what would be in store? Many people would consider Bebop’s first few episodes as “non-engaging” and from the onset of it, I wouldn’t disagree with it. It took me a while before I got hooked into the everyday misadventures of the Bebop crew.

How much did the first episode have in store for us? Well Spike’s past is not completely shown but it makes sure of that his past isn’t the most “brightest” of backstories. We see that he’s practitioner of martial arts and he fully showcases his abilities when he engages the bounty target later on. On Jet’s side of the story, we’re not completely clued in on his background just yet but his first scene shows him as the the ship’s cook and gives the “caretaker” feel of his character.

There’s no beef in here. So you wouldn’t really call it bell peppers and beef now would you?

Yes I would

Well, it’s not

It is when you’re broke

The meal Jet cooked up more or less tell us that the condition of the Bebop is only “getting by”. Jet is more worried about both of his and Spike’s hide while Spike seems more focused on what’s at hand, his meal. The fact that the matter is: they’re broke and Spike’s prowess in breaking things seem to cost the two a lot.

Jet’s attitude and straight-foward-stick to the plan attitude gives us the impression of his father-like figure for the rest of the series. Even with Spike, he’s the level headed one who thinks ahead while Spike would much rather focus on the given situation.

Fast foward to our bar scene, we see the three old men who are in nearly every episode complaining about something. We meet our target of the day: Asimov Solensan. This bounty target of the week would be the format of the majority of episodes. Anyways, other than the extremely obvious name reference, Asimov is a shady thug who broke out of his old crime syndicate with his girlfriend to make money on his own. The drug he carries is called Red-Eye, which allow the user to percieve time a lot slower which essentially increases reaction time.

Spike meets Katerina Solensan, Asimov’s girlfriend and befriends her. Asimov pushes Spike away and then we speed up a bit and we see Asimov eventually fighting Spike. Even with his senses heightened to such a degree, Spike easily overpowers Asimov. An interesting thing that I love is that Spike is having a blast. While he may be stuck in past whenever he’s not kicking ass, he seems to enjoy the time when he has to focus on the current bounty. This actually reminds me of a character from Part V of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Leone Abbacchio is one of the allies of Giorno and his shady past makes him pretty mellow and the only time he ever feels alive again is when he’s given a task to focus on. Just a small thing I noticed the other day.

Continuing on, Asimov and Katerina run away and Spike gives chase. Eventually, the police force of the area notice Asimov and issue a blockade, preventing their escape while the syndicate Asimov used to belong give chase. Factoring into that is Spike’s constant pursuit with Jet following by for support. By the end of the line, Katerina realizes the futility of it all and shoots Asimov while the police force shoot their ship down



Spike is in awe, but that’s just another story to tell for the life of the two bounty hunters. A regular for them to have their bounty killed off and being unable to cash in. What’s on the menu for these two for dinner? Bell peppers and beef.

It’s funny to think about how such a similar story occurs in the very first episode. A couple leaving a syndicate? Doesn’t that sound familiar to Spike?

Anyways, I just wanted to make this short post dedicated to one of my favorite shows ever. Duty calls however, so…

See you

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