Music of the Week #108

Loaded with work

Jojo Punk

As you can probably tell with the absence of Week 3 in the Fall Anime season, I’m just glued to work until November 1st passes by. Week 4 will come bundled with Week 3 around the end of the week if I am able to get a substantial amount of work done during these next few days. That being said, other posts are inevitably going to be delayed but I actually have this 1 post that’s fairly relevant so I guess I’ll rush that to act as an informative post.

I have little to no time for games but I try to get 40 minutes aside for a short break but that’s not really important. All I know is that once this week and the next are concluded, things should be getting back into regular order.

This week’s theme is that of Hol Horse. While not the most badass character in the series, for a guy who only has a gun for his stand to challenge Dio has some serious balls. Game wise, Hol Horse can set up some wicked combo potentials and J. Geil’s Hanged Man provide some epic combo breakers and initiators.