Anime, Manga, and Videogame

Anime, Manga, and Videogame

So while I was chugging away at doing educational works and prepping up the Week 3 anime posts, I did something I rarely have the chance to do: Browsing neighbor sites. I happened to be on G-Man’s site and I saw the curious post of Anime, Manga, and Videogame focus “editorial” detailing how the respective writer balances out time on all three. This post/project was started by Yumeka and since this topic resonates with me well, I decided to take a crack at it.

Chronologically speaking anime, manga, and videogames all impacted me in my developmental years. My brother was an avid gamer and I remember playing the Super Nintendo with him. We also had Pokemon Gold on the computer, which is something I’m still curious on how old computers managed that. NEOGEO on the computer was pretty fun too. While no one may know, Korea actually had itself a load of good, non-cheap mmo games that it developed. I will talk about 2 that come to mind later but if you want to look up info on them, they’re called Seal: Travelers of Destiny and War of Genesis 3.

I also remember his stack of manga volumes of Slam Dunk during that time as well. Back then, anime to me were just cartoons (was born in Korea) and who could forget the classic Pokemon anime? Things eventually began to spread apart and curiously enough, I’ve gone through phases in my life were the 3 aspects of entertainment were the major source of my entertainment at the time.


Videogames took ahold of me during the early 2000’s. With the Gamecube in my hands, my family unexpectedly moved back to Korea. I was legitimately, stuck with my Gamecube and PS2 and I only had a few games to spare for systems. Because my parents thought of videogames as a complete waste of time, I hung around the same videogames for around 2 years. Super Smash Bros. Melee and Dynasty Warriors 4 basically had me on the ropes. This would continue until I moved back to the States and got me a PS3. Since the PS3 costed a hell of a lot more more than it does now, I basically blew my funds and I was stuck with Devil May Cry 4.

Naruto's Best Arc

Manga took its chance to appeal to me now once I learned of the existance of online manga reading. This is where the Big 3 impacted me the most while I tried to replenish my funds to buy PS3 games. Other than the Big 3, looking up all the ecchi/harem series is what I consider one of the “phases” of any young manga reader, twice-fold if they’re boys. This is where I got into Hayate no Gotoku (which is slowly decreasing in my favor) and a load of other manga. My manga trend and once in a while PS3 game purchases eventually took another shift once I got back into anime.

Magi EB

Anime took its major hold of me when a friend of mine started spewing their hearts out on how sad Angel Beats was. I had not watched any new anime til up to that point so I decided to check it out. Considering how I rushed through all 13 episodes on a single night, I was pretty much appalled at how anime turned out to be. What I’m referring to is the humongous art style shift that distinguishes early 2000’s anime and current day stuff. That began the idea for me and friends to make a site and boom, look where I’m at now. We actually ran a Pokemon blog during that time as well and knowing how the multi-author plan ended up, that blog is near dead as well. With me handling the project solo, I eventually got into the seasonal anime changes and decided to keep up with the anime focus. Back then, I still had games to play but since games cost money and anime/manga is free, I gravitated more to the latter.

Asakura Ryoko

Especially now since I took up Figure collecting as a hobby, I’m at the loss of funds so my video game thirst was left unsated. However, my interest in games dwindled starting last year when I took up League of Legends and it basically provided me with entertainment for the past year. Every other E3 failed until 2013 basically unveiled the dawn of the new era as the new console generation began. GTA V and Dark Souls II are on my radar for current gen games but other than that, it’s still mostly League and the occasional VN (White Album 2 made me go download White Album).

That’s mostly where I’m standing now. It’s the limited money on games (that usually goes for figures) that limit me to my anime and manga. I’m not so big on manga as I am with anime nowadays but I have been getting into light novels recently. I should of mentioned VN’s and some eroges in there as well but I can talk about those later. Well, those are my two-cents on the topic at hand, I’m off to get other stufft done, thanks for tuning in,

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