Music of the Week #107


Life’s getting a bit too hectic a bit too fast.

Jojo Punk

A bunch of shit is going down for me so I honestly think I SHOULD take a few weeks off until November 1st. However, I have like 3-5 planned posts so I at least want to finish what I started. Shingeki no Kyojin and the first two weeks of the Fall anime series (while some series sit at 1 at the time the written portion was done) are nearly complete and they should be up by tomorrow and Friday. I decided to just write a Figure Post because I just recieved one that I’ve been wanting for a good year or two since I’ve started so I obviously want to talk about some stuff regarding the extremely expensive hobby.

Galaxy Angel has not been forgotten but my free time in games usually heads towards 1-2 matches in League of Legends and then back to work. I’ve been wanting to play GTA V as well but most of my leisure-time will be started off at the start of November. All Star Battle is something I’m still practicing and I’ve been taking on some campaign missions too. I have a post for ASB too so maybe I’ll get more stuff done if I stop talking right now.

Oh yeah,



EDIT: I realized that I made a mistake with the music order and I repeated ACDC’s theme so I replaced last week’s with Kakyoin’s theme, here it is for good measure

It just screams Japanese

So to move myself back to some rigorous work, here’s this week’s actual theme with Polnareff’s theme

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