Music of the Week #106

Busy Busy Busy

Jojo Punk

Everything is startd to pile up and the hectic transitioning period that I’m a bit delayed on isn’t getting better. A significant amount of that workload just dies off on Friday and with Monday being Colombus Day, I’ll have Shingeki no Kyojin’s Review and the New season’s recap post out too. I’ve weeded out a lot and I tried to trim down the fanservice shows a lot around 2-3 (while it started at around 6).

Like I said, life gets hectic and I can only find myself playing League with my two buddies so Galaxy Angel is getting kinda delayed but then again, it’s just this week that’s a bitch. The busy times are going to be nearly this entire month of October, maybe early bits of November, and December. Once January rolls by, it’s easy street from there.

I actually have a Jojo post too on the ASB characters and that’ll arrive whenver I get extra time. Figure post is being worked on and should be published after the one I ordered arrives.

Due to a mishap, the song for Week 105 will be Kakyoin’s theme

P.S: Man I want GTA V