Watamote Review

Watamote Review

This series had the funniest opening ever

Japan has made it extremely clear to us that the most important phase of any human being, robot, alien, dimensional trespasser, Espers, gangsters, and basically any living being is the process of a 3-4 year institution known as highschool. Apparently in Japanese highschools you can either have the most epic fighting contests, extremely passionate love stories, and just about anything in between.

Watamote focuses in on yet again the “loser” side of the protagonist spectrum with Kuroki Tomoko. Tomoko is basically a female Katsuragi only that she isn’t pro enough to actually apply any sort of gamer knowledge into real life situations. She is faced with the legendary Highschool Debut where even losers in their middleschool years can start anew.

Will Tomoko get that new chance?

Well obviously not since the whole point of the show is to laugh at Tomoko’s efforts to try and become popular. That’s the tldr version but there’s more to it than that so let’s just get with the characters.

Watamote 4

  • Tomoko, as I have said before, is the beta-female-version of Katsuragi who fails horribly in her attempts to become popular. I don’t remember if they mentioned anything about her grades but if it didn’t, Tomoko has literally no redeeming factors. That doesn’t mean she’s unlikable, putting such effort is admirable but when the irony kicks in when she is making fun of the very group of people she wants to be “friends” with. Anyways, she makes for a funny protagonist but I think if she solves her proble with her baggy eyes and speaking issues, I think that alone would fix her problems….wait did I just find the ending of the series?
  • Tomoki is the more successful version of his sister with his group of bro’s and number of fans through his soccer skills. Much like Oreimo and winner Kirino and loser Kyousuke converse in life lessons, it’s the loser sister with the winner brother. While their relationship is NOWHERE NEAR as hectic or eventually incestuous (hah, spoiled! now you won’t have to suffer, you’ll thank me), they still have their bouts and heartwarming moments. Anyways, he’s more foil than anything and acting naturally should be the main key here.
  • Yu is actually more of a foil than Tomoki is to Tomoko and rightfully shows how you do a highschool debut: the right way. Goes to show that thinking highly of yourself when you have that little friends/social skills in the first place really does make a difference. I can’t believe I just said that, that’s just being “normal”. Anyways, Yu decides to do a COMPLETE makeover and as I mentioned before: Foil

Watamote 1

What’s funny for me is that I never had this much trouble in high-school. I had a humongous group of friends from elementary school to middle school and I made the switch in highschool. You would think I’d get isolated with all my friends in a different school but I ended up doing fine within the confines of my catholic highschool (even though I’m a borderline deist/agnostic/atheist but lets not get into that).

I consider the entire tale ironic, and it’s probably meant to be that way. Tomoko’s attitude reflects on this “Gamer attitude”. What’s the gamer attitude? Well it goes as thus: Anyone worse than me is a noob, anyone better has no life. Tomoko looks down on legit, everybody but ironically wants to become and wants to be accepted and praised by the crowd she loathes. There’s a limit where you stop and look at yourself on what you’re doing to stop yourself, Tomoko’s personal line extends a bit farther than the average human it seems.

Even with that, the series was absolutely cringe-worthy. The good kind, if such a thing exists. You have to give Tomoko some credit for going over through that much shit just to get popular though. While she doesn’t necessarily succeed in her efforts, it’s the journey that beats the unreachable destination. I swear girl, just get those bangs and eyebags away and cut that skirt a bit.

Watamote 3

While it’s a short review and I’m not too good when it comes to comedy. I could have compared to another series about social rejection like Oregairu but different purposes going between those series so I decided not to. Watamote isn’t the “seasonal comedy gold” I usually have to fall back on but it was decent enough to warrant views. It isn’t laugh out loud, but enjoyable nonetheless

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