Watamote Review

This series had the funniest opening ever

Japan has made it extremely clear to us that the most important phase of any human being, robot, alien, dimensional trespasser, Espers, gangsters, and basically any living being is the process of a 3-4 year institution known as highschool. Apparently in Japanese highschools you can either have the most epic fighting contests, extremely passionate love stories, and just about anything in between.

Watamote focuses in on yet again the “loser” side of the protagonist spectrum with Kuroki Tomoko. Tomoko is basically a female Katsuragi only that she isn’t pro enough to actually apply any sort of gamer knowledge into real life situations. She is faced with the legendary Highschool Debut where even losers in their middleschool years can start anew.

Will Tomoko get that new chance?

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