Highschool DxD, Symphogear G, and Neptunia


You know why you’re here You’re here for pictures, not for my thoughts. Seriously though, my thoughts really don’t matter since they can be summed up in a few nice words



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DxD: You would think with all these references to mythologies and the sheer number of fanservice would completely cater to a mythology nut like I am. But it’s those exact usage of the mythological terms and names that irked me the most. To be fair, if I discovered this series early than I did, I probably would be a fanboy but my expectations for genderbent legends rose beyond the heavens after a little series called Fate entered my life beforehand. Genderbent King Arthur and Nero had enough depth for me to completely accept and love the latter but comparing these two series is like comparing Jojo to Naruto. I mentioned that I grew completely tired of the old girls and was technically only watching it for Xenovia at this point, but when she gets sidelined, oh well. I feel like this series takes itself just a tiny bit too seriously with such a grandiose plot but then again, I may be overthinking this. This series isn’t “favorable” to me when everything is gratuitously feminine, but if (god forbid) season 3 comes out, I’ll watch it. If not, it’s no skin off my ass.

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G: I never watched the first season of Symphogear and after getting into this 2nd season of it for the pure reason that is Yukine Chris leaves me both wanting to watch it and not wanting to. The reason is pretty simple, I thoroughly enjoyed Symphogear G here because of such GLORIOUS visuals which the 1st season didn’t have but because Symphogear G was decent, I wouldn’t mind watching it, but when I’m already spoiled by G’s awesome looks, I really can’t go back. That being said, Chris was the only reason I watched but from what I got from the explosion filled fights, betrayals, and the lack of a male protagonist made the series more enjoyable. I also knew what was going to happen with the three reoccuring rival girls our trio kept fighting. It’s the usual trope of having reoccuring villains either die by your hands or join you against the ultimate evil. When these reoccuring villains have that kind of past and happen to be cute girls, I doubt they ever tried thinking of killing them off.

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Neptunia : While I may not have enjoyed this as much as G-Man did, Neptunia was more enjoyable for me to watch than DxD. When you happen to worship Tsunako’s artwork like I do, I can’t bring myself to hate or even dislike this series. While I did predict most of what did happen but seeing Neptunia girls get a magical girl style transformation and relive a few moments from the games, consider me sold. I honestly though do not have much to say, if you like Neptunia, then you’re getting what you want. Also, Purple Heart was the only one in her V outfit. The original Purple Heart in the first game didn’t have that navel outline/cutout in her CPU form.

That's all folks

That’s all folks

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      • -Chris is cool. Her path of redemption storyline was an enjoyable one and she’s still solid on the battlefield, though she didn’t quite step up her game as much as my main duo did. Tsubasa didn’t step up her game that much either but she still looked superb in combat.
        -V took place in another dimension (Plutia’s) and the show took place in the Hyperdimension. They were required to use the CPUs’ more recognizable casual attire and HDD Processor Units.

        I’m not expecting much from either season of DxD but we’ll see.

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