3rd Anniversary

Jojo Celebration

So apparently I was too preoccupied with other things going on that I completely missed October 2nd which was this site’s 3rd birthday.

It’s been 3 long years since me and my friends dived into the world of anime. Through turns and corners, only I remain while I keeping in contact with Light who’s just too busy to get anything done, I try my best to fit studying and writing.

This year also marks the year I really got into figures, I both bless and curse this costly hobby.

After a bit of blog existential/identity crisis, I decided to change the look and for a more subtle style without trying to fill the screen with pictures. That crisis still goes on since no one bothers to comment but the Site Stats alone please me enough for me to keep up, hell, I can only imagine if I actually got some feedback around here

Post frequency should be relatively the same but this is the time of my life where everything is starting to pile but I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.

To any of you those who still read and keep up with this site, I only have two things to say to you:

Thank You so very much

And would it kill you to comment?

Jojo Part 6

12 thoughts on “3rd Anniversary”

  1. I would congratulate you by playing Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” to commemorate the occasion, but a simple “Keep on being awesome” should suffice. Just don’t expect me to pick up Log Horizon.

  2. Lack of comments are a bit of a trend lately. If you are satisfied with the number of readers, it is the small victories that count in blogging!

    Of course, commenting on blogs garners comments. It can be hard to find time to network with fellow bloggers.

    1. Thank you for commenting Chris. I do consider one of my faults being to not going around the blogosphere to actually comment, I really need to fix that sooner rather than later.

  3. Happy anniversary dude.

    I would love to see some of your figures on the blog :p Indeed, one hell of an expensive hobby, at least now I have an excuse to less down my purchase (“lessen down”, not stop. Guess I’m just too addicted to stop ;p), and that excuse is a lack of space – my room’s pretty small after all. I at least manged to buy a glass shelf for all my figures, though needless to say, it’s packed full in minutes. Unless I buy a new glass shelf, I can try my best to still fit my figures in or I will have to leave them in boxes until I actually buy a new glass shelf, which is highly unlikely for now.

    1. Every comment means a lot, thanks Kai.
      I have 6 figures on my shelf and I have around 10-11 in my wishlist, I’ll get around posting what I have and what I desperately crave sooner rather than later once the fig I just ordered arrives. Hell, maybe you should get around with a big figure post too

  4. Happy anniversary~

    Like Kai said, figure posts would be cool. I’m slowly easing out of the hobby. Or at least cutting back. Actually, I’ve been cutting back for a while now. I know you wanted that Mai I was selling. I meant to respond that I had sold it already when you inquired about it. I forget to respond a lot. Bad habit 😛

    I see you responded to my other response, so I’ll just say here that nendos for me are nice since they’re cheaper and smaller. I think I’ll always collect the ones I like. Scaled figs are just expensive and take up space lol.

    Comments are nice I agree, but it all comes down to if you love writing enough. (I recall that you were going through a point where you were wondering if blogging was worth it. Could be I just have shit memory nowadays since I’m busy as hell working.) Anyways, keep it up!

    1. The hobby is starting overwhelm me but I have high standards so I’m reassuring myself that I won’t buy something I will regret (or buy too much).

      Being stingy with figures keeps messing up my list but I think I finally got one down, I’ll post once I get caught up with the Weekly stuff.

      I can understand that, I don’t see myself getting nendos anytime soon.

      Nah I definitely went through that phase but hey, this is my creative venue where I can just say whatever I want/need to. My hobby turned into somewhat of a necessity.

      Thanks for the word of confidence, I ain’t planning on stopping blogging soon. May make a pact by myself to not give up on blogging until all Jojo parts are animated

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