Music of the Week #105


Bit of delays

Jojo Punk

Dangan Ronpa got its review first because I had a bit less to write about compared to Titan and less pictures to upload compared to the triple fanservice post. They’re in the works along with Watamote and more Galaxy Angel of course. While I said the 21st of September will end my worries, the new date is November 1st and the month of October might get a bit more busier than I want it to be. I’ll keep up with weekly posts but other than that, no new projects or left-field posts.

I got Galaxy Angel ML’s first chapter done but since there aren’t as many chapters when compared to the first one, it’s more of a challenge of deciding where I segment the chapters but I’m going to prioritize the series reviews first.

So off to work so I can get stuff done faster

Speaking of Jojo though here’s this week’s theme with Cars’ Light Mode, enjoy

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