Galaxy Angel: Finale

Here we go, it’s the last stretch of the game and I’ve already started the 2nd game in the series so let’s keep moving foward

I’ll go off explaining on what things changed and on a side note: I can finally Alt-Tab without the game crashing so I think we can move a bit faster with this. Anyways, let us continue and conclude the first game.

But I will say this, save + loading + screencapping was extremely annoying and while the first game wasn’t bad, it was a pretty annoying experience.

After the fiasco with Sherry we finally reach the White Moon. First contact however prove meaningless as a large bubble protects the craft. Shiva shows up and reveals that only he can remove the barrier. He returns to his chambers to undo a seal and once a rumble is heard, we are able to contact the matron of the White Moon, Lady Shatoyarn.

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Formalities aside, we bring up the topic of the secret weapon and she guides us into the inner chamber of the White Moon. We see the Elsior already docked in the inner most bays and Shatoyarn insists that she should tell the entire history of the Moons. We obviously get harkened back to the days after the Chrono Quake that messed everything up and how the lost technology carrier White Moon showed up out of nowhere and allowed mankind to rebuild itself. Similarly, the Black Moon was one and the same with the White Moon, both being mobile factories. However, the White Moon’s armories were sealed and when Eonia took off, he took the Black Moon with him and wishes to see what happens when he does bring the White Moon and Black Moon together.

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Either way, Shatoyarn outfits the Chrono Break Cannon to wreck some shit in the fight tomorrow. We have a chance to talk around but everyone is basically prepping themselves for the last fight.

GA- A moment GA- Mint

Talk with Mint

Everyone gets ready but the cannon is taking a bit to charge up. Eonia hails us and we get his side of the story and expresses his wish to restore the glorious past before the Chrono Quake with the power of the two moons. The dialogue here isn’t THAT corny so it was a pretty cool scene.

GA- Eonia

The fight itself has the Emblem Frames with their wings and specials will be popping up everywhere. The Hell Hounds aren’t much of a problem and Eonia goes down pretty quickly too. The cannon is near finished charging and we make a straight bee line toward the Black Moon. Luftwaffe arrives to aid us and the Hell hounds try to rethink a plan as they’re no match for the winged Frames. Eonia orders the Hell Hounds to guard the ship and calls for Noah. The Hell Hounds plead for Eonia to open the ship’s ports but Noah starts questioning them.

When the mysterious loli is revealed to have the most baritone voice in the game....NOPE
When the mysterious loli is revealed to have the most baritone voice in the game….NOPE

After a series of obvious questions (around the lines of “Do you wish to defeat them”) Noah’s voice completely changes and this happens

GA- Wing EvolutionGA- End of the line

We have one last dogfight with the Hell Hounds’s Dark Angels, sucks for them though, their minds are now controlled by the machine. While they had some amusing dialogue, they all go quiet and mechanical, even Guiness doesn’t talk much. Their stats are extremely high but the basic fact that the Emblem Frames are personalized (AKA: Specials) allow for an easy match up. Even though victory is achieved, something doesn’t feel right.


The Chrono Break Cannon fires and Eonia’s ship along with its captain is completely wiped out. While victory cheers go on, the Black Moon itself shuts down our ships function and reveals itself as sentient

GA-Chapter 11

So is it gonna be a Grey Moon?
So is it gonna be a Grey Moon?

The Black Moon begins to absorb the White Moon and Shatoyarn orders to blow the hell out of the Black Moon for science. In order for that one last shot though, we have to break through a line of heavily armored attack satellites. The mission itself can be quite tricky since they can tank like a boss and dish out shittons of damage.

Once we get through though, the Black Moon prioritizes attacking the Elsior and we get our asses handed. Multiple damage reports are spreading and with more attack satellites on the way and with interference, we’re unable to signal for help. Thank god for Mint’s long range since she can clear us up a path.

GA- Yep

The war against Giygas Eonia is over

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We get lauded for our accomplishment and we are newly assigned commanders for a explorer team to search for remnants of Eonia’s automated fleet. We bid farewell to our Angel Wing and leave. Of course not, a lone Emblem Frame trails us and its none other than Mint to make the trip with us.

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