Galaxy Angel: THE RETURN

The 21st has been destroyed and now I shall continue with Galaxy Angel.

We left after I chose the semi-loli, telepath Mint and we’ll take off from there.

There’s the last chapter that needs to be done for us to be done with the first entry in the series and I will in depth about the sequels once I finish this.

With that said, let’s go

Well, half of Fargo is blown up and before we try anything, we have repel enemy forces away.

There goes all the vacation planning
There goes all the vacation planning

Our crew gets back on the offensive as we push back Eonia’s forces to get a clear shot at the Black Moon. Of course, that would be too easy and turns out nothing we have in our arsenal can get anything on the Black Moon.

Mad respect
Mad respect

Back inside the Black Moon, Noah devises a plan to kill us all, by cutting away our power supply. No one is able to move. Everything seems to be over, but that would be too dark for this kind of crowd

GA- HiiiighGA- Working

Suddenly, white light and Emblem Frames have wings, then we proceed to the easiest fighting section of the game. Statwise, it’s like you romanced everybody and their specials are just lighting up every few seconds. Self explanatory mission. Quite honestly, you fight the bulkiest enemies yet they don’t a chance.

GA- We did good

The Black Moon withdraws but the wings on our Emblem Frames’s wings also dissipate and we withdraw as well. Luft is obviously impressed with our work. You know what this means!

Welcome back to the love-boat cap'n
Welcome back to the love-boat cap’n

Free time to roam around

GA- Guess so

Lester and the bridge crew have nothing big to report on. The situation is just that bad to have nothing witty to say.

Forte never gets old
Forte never gets old

Creta, Mint, and Forte basically conclude that the Emblem’s Frame’s wings are because of the them (the pilots). More or less, willpower to the max. Tact mentions Noah but no one seems too worried about that.

I did visit a few other rooms but nothing too important happens in between these scenes.

Visiting Shiva has him wondering if he should just turn himself in to prevent further bloodshed. Some pretty noble shit for a little kid you know?

GA- Mint's Reassurence

After all this, you wander into the cafe with where Mint reassures our nervous ass.

GA- Ohdayum

After that ordeal, you try to get some sleep but then get called up to the bridge. We find everyone there and Creta makes it public of the information of how these wings are actually dormant systems that have now been awakened. With these wings come the awesome benefits for increased mobility, firepower, and durability.

The Elsior’s systems got an internal overhaul thanks to that burst of energy but Creta isn’t finished telling us the best news of all. Schematics apparently suggest that the Elsior can be outfitted with one massive cannon. The location of this cannon is nowhere else but the White Moon, where most of the Lost Technology on our side is from. There’s the footage folks, it’s time to finally lead the counter offensive and reach Eonia’s military to secure our winning objective.

GA- Chapter 9

Noah returns to Eonia to give him the news that the opposition is heading toward the White Moon. Eonia is troubled but Noah reassures him by presenting him with her own set of marvelous fighters to match the Emblem Frames. Sherry offers to go along with the Hell Hounds to reach the White Moon first. Eonia commends her loyalty and wishes for her to return safely.

GA- Luftwaffle

Luft gives us the command to make a supply stop at the Blamanche’s company planet to maximize supplies and make a beeline toward the White Moon. We get to talk to the boss and Mint’s father and he seems pretty straightfoward in telling us how we wants to talk to his daughter. Speaking to him by trying to flatter him doesn’t get us anywhere but being foward with him nets you some respect.

GA- Approval

In any case, we head to the lounge to see everyone relaxing and we bring up Mint’s father in the conversation on his character. Mint dosen’t exactly hate his person but isn’t too comfortable with his attitude. Anways, she gets called up to talk to her parents and we leave as well.

Tact had authority?
Tact had authority?

Something isn’t right when Mint is nowhere near to be found on the ship. Enough evidence and the word from Vanilla basically point toward the idea that Mint got shanghai’d back to her family’s place. Tact decides to take it solo and go get her back. We join Mint’s family in their fancy-ass house (with a deer head) and of course, arguments ensue.

GA- Expecations GA- Tact

That is until everyone spots a lone shuttle come crashing down in the front lawn.

GA- Lies

Tact nails the dynamic entry but the diplomacy begins in the house where we basically say that Mints our one and only. Turns out that the dad isn’t giving up that easily too, while he dosen’t seem like he cherishes her too much, he’s a pretty doting father. Only by making a bigass claim do we finally get Mint back.

GA- WhatGA- Ofc

Get back kiss. Anyways, prepare for massive shift when

As we chrono drive out, we confront Sherry and the Hell Hounds but since Mint has AOE targeting, the game’s on easy mode. Anyways, Sherry decides to take us down with her but that ends up with nothing as no one is harmed,

Oh you no good sonofa
Oh you no good sonofa

Eonia seems pretty disturbed by her death. Some actual character development!

GA- Charm

Only a few more remain, stay tuned.

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