Music of the Week #104

Back in gear

Jojo Punk

Galaxy Angel will probably end in around 2 posts. I left off at Chapter 8 and I have 8-9 done and all I need to do for that post is to add the pictures and polish it up. I will be continuing it through the end of the first trilogy so yeah.

Been practicing All Star Battle for a while and I’m loving all the extra stuff in the game. Ringo, Emporio, Abbachio, and the D’Arby’s voices are pretty awesome and I can never get enough of hearing “Welcome to a true man’s world”. Part 1-2 heroes are Ripple users (basically EX moves), Phantom Blood Dio is unique, Pillar Men are the most unique in my opinion as they can access 1-2 levels of their respective modes. Stands take over the rest of the cast and some characters are COMPLETELY reliant on their stands to do any sort of combos (examples include Avdol, Fugo, Diavolo, etc). Still, I absolutely love the game I already Platinum’d it so I might as well start out online. I consider Pucci and Kira my “main” but most of the Stand character’s aren’t too hard to grasp.

Season is nearly over and the series are trolling me because instead of the usual 12 episodes, most of them are running with 13. Week 12 will not be done so I might as well prep up the seasonal series reviews.

We continue to plow through the All Star Battle character themes and this week’s is none other than the honorable warrior Wham. Strange to see his theme so hardcore while his namesake isn’t as badass as his character itself

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