Summer Anime Week 10-11

Summer Anime Week 10-11

It’s week 10-11 if you haven’t read the title and that means Week 12 will not exist since that will be the time for Series reviews. The reviews will consist of the final review for Shingeki no Kyojin, Dangan Ronpa: The Animation, Watamote, Neptunia, DxD, and Symphogear combined as a mini review.

Aw Lawdy

Aw Lawdy

SnK: We return to Mikasa chasing after the female titan with Eren still trapped within her jaws. Levi comes in to help her and stops her from unleashing unrelenting rage against the titan since he knows that the titan is capable of hardening its skin. Levi prioritizes Eren’s safety and the two are able to weaken the titan just like the other now-dead blokes did a few episodes back. Mikasa decides to screw orders and attack the  titan but then Levi has to step in (quite literally) and break his ankle. He’s able to cut the titan’s jaws and Eren is retrieved. A small base camp is made to recover the dead and one of the squad members complain to Levi and Erwin about one of their dead friends and their wish to retrieve his body. Erwin and Levi dismiss them, revealing some disturbing news that this isn’t the first time they were unable to retrieve every corpse.

The troops start riding for the city gates and the fools who retrieved their friend’s body did make it out of the forest but has gained the attention of the titans chasing them down. Erwin calls for a break for the gates but a few bodies roll behind. The titans are avoided but more casualties are present. Eren comes to with Mikasa next to him. He’s horrified to realize that the expedition has failed but what strikes him most is that from the legion of disappointed citizens, a few children look up to the Recon Squad the same way he did before.

Get a look at this guy

Get a look at this guy

Someone please smack her

Someone please smack her

In Episode 11, we get a taste of the high-life in the Military Police branch as we join Annie this time around. Annie’s squad aren’t as closely knit like the Recon Squad (cause you know, saving eachother from life and death every other minute does make you appreciate everyone alive) . Annie sees Eren in one of her squadmates who (while being voiced by Joseph Joestar) talks big but isn’t able to accomplish much when she and her squadmates see him trying to talk out his superiors from illegal bartering. The Military Police have been given orders to escort the Recon Squad to the palace. Armin wearing some shifty cloths ask if Annie can help escort his trio out of walls. While Annie’s reasons for agreeing to the plan seems genuine, the entire thing was apparently a trap on our trio’s part and we discover the female titan’s identity as Annie when she refuses to join them going underground. A load of people sandwich her and while it seems she is suppressed, her ring reveals a hook and she is able to shift.

Some scary shit

Some scary shit

So with all the flashbacks and setting up out of the way, we have yet another titan inside the walls. The recovery episode was alright and it somewhat saddens me how Levi and Mikasa got so much shit done. Seriously, I know they’re high priority and all but they could get some serious work around there. It sounds macabre but if useless recruits can’t do much, might as well use them as bait for these two. Annie’s squad also annoys me, especially that bitch. I don’t see how she can talk like that when it happens that Annie is the ONLY one of them to even see combat. Either way, Annie’s a titan now and hopefully we get to see a less pathetic fight from Eren.

Dangan Ronpa Execution

DR: Our crew is more consolidated than ever and we move on to the closing chapters of the show as Naegi and Kirigiri go deeper into the school’s secrets. Monokuma informs us that someone has taken something from him and it becomes a major concern to everybody that the one who has been forcing them to kill each other in distress. Our duo however take this chance to dig deeper. Kirigiri goes in alone and the next day, everyone decides to break into the higher areas of the school. They find a dead body and they assume the worst as Kirigiri hasn’t returned yet. A horribly timed fire burns the body so we don’t know for sure. The kiddies continue foward and they arrive in Monokuma’s control room only to find that they’ve been used for entertainment (apparently nation-wide).

Dangan Ronpa Fukawa

Turns out however, that Kirigiri is safe. The crew is however subjected to trial on the case of the dead body and  while accusations for Kirigiri are there, the ultimate culprit is blamed unto Naegi and he flips a shit. Nonetheless, he is executed. However, Naegi is miraculously saved and Kirigiri finds him and gets him out of the Death Star-like garbage dump. Everyone reunites with tough feelings moved aside, and it’s more or less the final confrontation now.

Dangan Ronpa Resassembled

I really like the diversity of the characters from the series (especially since they’re literally embodiments of archetypes) and you can probably tell that the anime isn’t doing the best job of using these characters to the fullest. That being said, it isn’t doing the worst either, but that talk can be saved for the series review. I don’t have THAT much to say about these two episodes since none of our characters died. Since I was already spoiled by reading about the game, I have nothing much to say. Still, I’m pretty sure no one (those who had no prior information) expected the Spanish Inquisition Naegi to get condemned, and I’m guessing no one saw him living through that. Killing off the main character is too dark yo.



DxD Irina DxD Miko Akeno

DxD tries to consolidate a plot within a sea of fanservice while Neptunia is something that doesn’t take itself seriously enough for me to just enjoy. DxD is bordering near SAO style of grandiose. What’s the point of having this serious demon/angel issue when there’s tits everywhere to desensitize all sense of urgency.

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