Music of the Week #101


Getting back

Jojo Punk

I’ve been busy since the schoolyear started but everything seems to be calming down now. I personally will have an easier time with this year once September ends so, until then, I’ll be trucking through. Other than personal stuff, I’ve really gotten back into Fallout New Vegas but I fear that may not last long since I ordered my copy of All Star Battle. I’ve also ordered a figure but I’ll reveal what I got when the time comes

My schedule isn’t cleared enough yet for me to continue with Galaxy Angel, so please bear with me until September ends.

So without further ado, let’s tackle the new music category. Anyone who kept up with me probably expected this but: We’ll be covering the Character themes from All Star Battle.

Who of course to start it all with the dickwaffle responsible? Here is Dio Brando’s theme for this week

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