Summer Anime Week 8-9

Summer Anime Week 8-9

Huh, I actually got last week and this week’s done.

The season is nearing its end and well, this wasn’t the BEST season but I didn’t hate it…too much.

I’ve been actually watching Watamote and while I can relate the tiniest tidbit of personal experience presented in this series, I can safely say my life was never this sad.

Cause she's the best

Cause she’s the best

SnK: Other than taking a few good minutes in actually addressing the fact that they got a titan on hold, we learn that this female titan can harden specific parts of its body to protect itself. Erwin calls in some explosives to blow its hands up. Levi decides to go Mark Wahlberg and talk to the unresponsive titan. It eventually has enough of Levi’s shit and screeches, calling in a wave of titans to the troops’ location. We witness Titan cannibalism and they decide to take this chance and Erwin calls in the retreat order. Eren and his group of new friends share a lighthearted moment (which I find sketchy). The sequence of flares continue but a mysterious cloaked soldier chops down of Eren’s crewmates.

That's gonna leave a mark

That’s gonna leave a mark

Skillfull deducing shows that the culprit’s identity is someone that was present during Eren’s initial transformings. The mysterious soldier weaves through the woods and tracks down Eren’s location. The three remaining crewmates continue their retreat but once the soldier shifts into a Titan, they decide to hold it off there and let Eren escape. At first, the three deal some damage to the Titan’s eyes and arms but that turns out to add up to nothing as if quickly regenerates its sight and slays the three. Eren finally decides to take action and engages the titan in his form as well. We have a short scene with Levi passing by his fallen comrades. We go back to the fight and it seems very even. But Eren is defeated and his human body is taken out, but with Mikasa walking into this situation, she gives chase.



No one is exempt from her wrath

No one is exempt from her wrath

There are way too many flashbacks for my liking but good action did show up a lot so I’m not complaining too much. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel because I already know who the culprit is (no seriously, think for a moment: Who is blonde, is a girl, and didn’t join the Recon squad?). Other than my confusion, it was a good watch.

Blue means justice

Blue means justice

Dangan Ronpa: Alter Ego reveals that the school’s background was registered by its previous head, whose identity Kirigiri founds disturbing. Monobear decides to just let it out and say that one our crew’s own is a mole that has been working against them. Female Akumad decides to tell the truth and apologizes for her actions. Asahina goes on rampage trying to defend Sakura, and while a bit of chaos ensues, Kirigiri stops it all. Eventually, crazybitch with the scissors grazes Asahina and when Akuma hears this, she gets real mad. Naegi then helps Alter Ego connect to the school’s network to further increase their intelligence. Once that’s done however, we find Sakura dead

All we're missing is the head of a vampire who fucked up his adoptive brother's life

All we’re missing is the head of a vampire who fucked up his adoptive brother’s life

The crew returns to the trial room and begin their incrimination. Asahina is heavily accusing everyone else of the crime, and just so turns out that crazybitch and Hagakure smashed a few bottles on Akuma’s head. Togami brings up a bottle of poison and turns out that it was switched out with some protein. Asahina confesses that she killed Akuma. Kirigiri however brings up the locked door and we reach the conclusion that Sakura killed herself. Asahina only pretended to lie about her crimes so that all of them would die, believing that Sakura was in despair when she tried to help everybody. Asahina attemps justifies this point with Sakura’s will but then Monokuma one ups her by pulling out the real will that reads that this was Sakura’s intention (the killing herself to stop everyone fighting part) all along. Monokuma is overjoyed to see Asahina’s actions spark some bad blood but it seems that everyone is forgiving her.

She was a bitch

She was a bitch

Dangan Ronpa fails at two things. Too bad I won’t tell you what they are until we get to the end of this. Finding flaws inside a series though is not hard, so you can probably guess my arguments. Playing the game helps understand why that is as well. While I haven’t played the game, I still see flaws. I’m just repeating myself here so meh.



Sympho is pulling something that many magical girl type shows do (Symphogear just happens to incorporate technology, I still see it as a magical girl show. Back on point, what these shows usually pull off is that they have their enemies with similar abilities join them with the goodness of their hearts. Then again, they did kill off one of the girls in Season 1.

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Neptunia: So with the 2nd game’s memorable scene of imoutos kicking ass and the current CPU’s bound in wires, they decided to move straight on to Neptunia V’s amount of fanservice by bringing in Plutia. In Neptunia V, Neptune gets transported to an alternate dimension where she learns that a girl named Plutia is the CPU of her city while the three other CPU’s are present. Because of plot points in Neptunia V, I didn’t expect Plutia to show up and since she’s here, my love for the pure fanservice of this show increased exponentially. The only thing that will make this series better is if the 4 other CPU’s gain their “new” (technically older) costumes to match with Neptunia V. Then obligatory swimsuit episode, just pics folks.

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DxD: Sona’s sister is the complete opposite of here, not the first time we have opposite siblings complex but it is the first time we see Sona act like that. Xenovia a plenty but once again, the veteran girls take most of the screentime. Then loli vampire trap, not sure if want. Oh DxD, you and your grandiose attempt at a plot.

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