Summer Anime Week 7

We cross the halfway point

Expect more delays since classes start again. Other than that, nothing new from me for now.

This week in Attack on Titan, Dangan Ronpa and with DxD and Neptunia in the fanservice corner. Symphogear didn’t make it for less than recommended dosage of Chris for a week.

Attack on Titan Gendo Zoe

Snk: Our Squad continues their advance through the forest and Eren is distraught on if he should transform to quell the threat or follow orders. He recalls back to his days a bit earlier when he joined and remembers the time when he accidentally transformed, gaining the suprise and fear of his seniors. Levi doesn’t seem too fazed by the sudden transformation and the intensity of the situation is dissolved when Hanji shows up. Later that evening, Hanji’s theory on Eren’s ability calms everyone else down, and they formally apologize to their anxious subordinate. Back in present time, Eren is extremely close to transforming but the Erwin had apparently planned this and had prepared a huge beehive of arrows with ropes. Dozens upon dozens stab through the titan leaving the identity of the titan shifter….to next week

Attack on Titan Kishibe Rohan

Development means one or two things in Attack on Titan, untimely/tragic death or someone actually surviving an encounter with a Titan. Seeing as though keeping too many characters would be unrealistic, I feel like a lot of people are going to die real soon. Other than the extremely long flashback, I can’t wait to see next week’s discovery. I swear to god that Levi had the same face 3 times with different backgrounds.

Dangan Ronpa The Right

DR: Other than a short preptime, our remaining cast gather around to condemn one of their own to their deaths. Yamada’s dying words were Yoshihiro and the absentees with no alibi’s are Hagakure Yoshihiro and Kirigiri Kyouko. The blame obviously goes to Hagakure and Celes is the one most strongly trying to convict him. Things get complicated when we reach a conclusion on how someone is behind these kills and has used one of the recently dead. Naegi traces back to Celes’s statement beforehand on how she knew multiple people were dead before they found the second body. Celes then loses her cool and the rest is history. She used Yamada by lying about Ishimaru and and she killed the former. While Celes does seem to have a distinctive temper, she regains her composure and calmly accepts her execution very nicely, but not before giving a key to Kirigiri where the AI is held. Kirigiri and Naegi have a talk and Naegi convinces her to trust him and she lets him in on a secret passage in the bathroom on the second floor. Naegi starts reading the logs inside but gets knocked out and later comes to and finds Genderbent Akuma Sakura alongside Monokuma.

Dangan Ronpa Classy Celes

Leon’s death was untimely as it was self defense, Owada’s was tragic, and Celes was smart but I couldn’t bring myself to hate her since she went down so nicely. Althogu the bi-polar like reactions were creepy, her usual stride and admittance of defeat were so graceful.


DxD Xenovia 1 DxD Xenovia 2 DxD Xenovia 3

DxD had a swimsuit episode and if it wasn’t for Xenovia, I wouldn’t have added anything. Neptunia was slightly weak in its fanservice but it gave me the ultimate gift at the end. Symphogear had very little Chris. It was a very meh week in terms of fanservice.

Neptunia was a Noire filled week and when Goddess mode doesn’t count, I like Noire the best .

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