Summer Recap Fanservice Post

Because of the amount of pictures I had for these things I just had to do make a seperate post.

So it was DxD and Neptunia last time and it still is but with one more addition: Symphogear G. Now why might this be?

Simple answer, my good viewer. Yukine Chris. However, her prominence in recent episodes have diminished soooo yeah the series might get kicked off this list but I’ll still be watching.

So here ya go people, fanservice pictures to shamelessly rake in views cause people look for this stuff.

Because I didn't give two shits about that fight
Because I didn’t give two shits about that fight

DxD finally shedded light on its plot. Yes you heard that right, PLOT. But having such a grandiose plot is a series like this is just….laughable, at least for me. Keep in mind that I’m only watching this series for Xenovia and Irina (and basically any new girl henceforth). The returning cast is boring me pretty damn quickly and it won’t be long til Xenovia falls for Issei. So as I wanted to focus on the new girls, only one pic, heh I go off making a seperate post for fanservice and this happens first.

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Neptunia: So apparently I hear that Neptunia is just trying to get the fanservice scenes from either the first two games or the all of them while inevitably trying to make a serious plot based episode in its later half. Even so, I recognize this scene (hell, this whole mini-arc) from Mk2 when its up to the imoutos to save their older sisters. Not like there’s going to be any serious deaths though, it would be a shot to the foot if they ever decided to kill off fanservice material to rake in the cash.

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Symphogear’s plot is actually trying to make it look serious and with people dying, I can pay attention in a sense. Once again, I’m in this series for Chris, who just so happens to have the most “detailed” transformation sequence. However, she isn’t showing up too much which is sad for me.

Whole Gif

It's a gif
It’s a gif

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  1. Always remember this important lesson in life, breasts conquer any and all forms of logic. Worship breasts, big and small and you will go far in life dood.

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