Music of the Week #100

Celebration Time

Oh wait, anime related stuff: CORRECTION


Meh, good enough.

So around 100 weeks ago, I decided to make a weekly post just to increase post count make every week a little less boring. Hard to believe it’s been 100 weeks/700 days since I started this routine. To any of you who remember the first music post, props and thanks to you for sticking with us/me.

In all honesty, I’m just trying to get back into the class mentality and since I have an extended weekend, I’ll try get more posts out.

It’s a pathetic celebration post but hey, I’m already two days late. I’ve been busy so I have no other excuse

This week’s theme is to celebrate the release of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle so here’s a theme from the PS2 Part 5 game. This is Buccellati’s arranged theme, one of my favorites. I only made this song this week’s theme, the game’s OST will not be spotlighted,

Follow-Up on The Future of Jojo’s Anime

Being the fool I am (heh, the Fool) I completely forgot to go into detail on the other parts of Jojo so this mini-post should clear things up.

So from what I said last time, the future of the animation seemed a bit uncertain on the parts of technicality as the lengths from Part 3 and onwards are nearly twice the amount of Part 1 and Part 2.  Regular anime schedules will not be able to fit the series into the seasonal episodic formula of 12 episodes to 26 episodes. I ended up by concluding that Jojo from now on, starting from Part 3, should adopt the episodic formula of many shounen series that air at this time. Examples of this include (for those of you who don’t pay attention to shounen anymore) Naruto, Gintama, etc.

So now allow me to elaborate on why such precautions should be taken.

Spoilers ahead (slight) on Parts 3-6. 7 and 8 will be dealt with if the animation keeps going, but by then, they probably got the formula down.

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Extremely Short and Inconsiderate Fall Anime 2013 Lineup

I was browsing around OG’s site and saw what seems to be the latest line-up for the Fall season, since I have the urge to type something while in the midst of typing something for classes, I decided to just get this done quickly


and for the giggles, Imma go through: Every.Single.One

  • Diabolik Lovers: Hah, No.
  • Battle Spirits: Nope
  • Oshiri: NO-
  • Giast: -PE
  • Outbreak Company: What the fuck am I reading
  • IS Season 2: My shallow need for stuff like this makes me depressed. Much like DxD, it’s gonna be about the new girls for me. Fuck me right
  • Nagi no Asukara: I don’t think so.
  • Log Horizon: With SAO fanboys now populating America, I expect a lot of fanboys to be comparing everything
  • Phi Brain: Shit looked too crazy for me anyway
  • Sekai de Ichiban: The art makes me angry for some reason. Looks like this is next season’s fanservice show to give angry fanservice-mongers something fap to after Free
  • Daiya No A: Sports series that aren’t Slam Dunk rarely interest me anymore
  • Gundam Build Fighters: This is Gundam
  • Pokemon XY: Ash enters the time machine again
  • Freezing Vibration: They just love picking out these names
  • Kill a kill: Swear to god with these goddamn school uniforms
  • Meganebu: I wear reading glasses, will girls fall for me?
  • Kikou Shoujo: Why does this scream “guy is gonna shove something else up the puppet”?
  • Non Non Biyori: Don’t VA/Seiyu’s get tired of this shit?
  • Galilei Donna: Persecution from the church?
  • Magi S2: After that fail end in the last season, they’re moving pretty damn quickly to the magic academy…
  • Tokyo Ravens: Reminds me of Kekkaishi and Nura-whatever
  • Valvrave: Didn’t watch S1
  • Samurai Flamenco: The name itself makes me want to watch it
  • Gingitsune: Sounds too laid back
  • Miss Monochrome: Wait what is this
  • Yowamushi Pedal: There’s an anime about everything these days
  • Seiyuu Sentai: I’m not sure of the style they’re gonna do this
  • Aoki Hagane: Sounds serious, I’ll see what’s up with it
  • Golden Time: More highschools
  • Strike the Blood: Reminds me of Kaze no Stigma, let’s hope the main is badass
  • Kyoukai no Kanata: I have this berserk button when it comes to hemokinesis
  • Tesagure: pfft, nope
  • Hajime no Ippo: I fear starting this longass series, maybe after Thanksgiving
  • Coppelion: Goddamn it, it’s always females
  • Nokoume: Shameless sensors going on, GODDAMMIT IT.
  • White Album: I liked the first one (the game), never got into 2, will see what happens.
  • Little Busters: No. Although I would love more Yuiko.
  • Yozakura Quartet: Never got into it.
  • Walkure Romance: I know how these kind of adaptations end, so no.
  • Lupin: You can’t say no to just one episode
  • Super Seishun: Not my stuff
  • Neppu: I think I’ll need more info on this one, but I’m not the fan of mechs.
  • Kyousogiga: Sounds just crazy enough for me to watch.
  • Pupa: Seeing as though I’ll be bored this season, maybe.
  • BlazBlue: I pray to something that this isn’t shit.

Summer Anime Week 7

We cross the halfway point

Expect more delays since classes start again. Other than that, nothing new from me for now.

This week in Attack on Titan, Dangan Ronpa and with DxD and Neptunia in the fanservice corner. Symphogear didn’t make it for less than recommended dosage of Chris for a week.

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Music of the Week #99

What else?

Cowboy Bebop Music

Last week’s recap only needs its pictures and it should be up either tonight or tomorrow depending on how I feel. GA will be finished around the weekend or sometime next week and more news on that when I actually post that. Figure is still in the works. Other than those, nothing too new to announce, twas another regular week.

I’ll talk more later but I just wanted to get the weekly song to everybody.

This week’s theme is Blue, one of the “ending” songs to the series. I’m debating whether or not to continue with Bebop’s OST because I probably won’t move on if I don’t stop somewhere. Either way, enjoy.

The Future of Jojo’s Animation

While I’m writing like 3 other posts, I decided I want to talk about Jojo in the week I have left before classes resume and the busiest part of life awaits me. Once that’s over with though, it’s just gonna be playing games, hanging out, and making money. But enough about future plans, let’s talk about the future of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure the Animation.

I will be quickly talking about Part 1 and 2 while the majority of this talk will be about everything else after it, let’s get to it

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Summer Recap Fanservice Post

Because of the amount of pictures I had for these things I just had to do make a seperate post.

So it was DxD and Neptunia last time and it still is but with one more addition: Symphogear G. Now why might this be?

Simple answer, my good viewer. Yukine Chris. However, her prominence in recent episodes have diminished soooo yeah the series might get kicked off this list but I’ll still be watching.

So here ya go people, fanservice pictures to shamelessly rake in views cause people look for this stuff.

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