Music of the Week #95

Bit more

Cowboy Bebop Music

Summer Post just needs 5 more pictures and will be up soon. Galaxy Angel is in the same boat as well but I’ve also been working on other things on the side as well. Not too much to cover here other than that I need to get back to writing more stuff. After I finally got around talking about Jojo around here, I might end up doing more than just the Top Characters thing so we’ll see where that goes.

Summer Wonder Festival will take place and end before we even get to next week’s music post so expect the inevitable “OMG I NEED/WANT THIS” post soon after it ends.

We’ll just head immediately to the music since I want to get everything done around here. Speaking of music though, I had a little music duel with a buddy of mine yesterday as we spent a few hours trading music pieces. I’ll share a few of the finds I made thanks to him. But let’s get Cowboy Bebop done first

This week’s theme it’s Piano Black starting off with the piano and drums and then moving on to smoother sax and synth