Galaxy Angel: The Choice

The last stretch of chapters remain but this is the point where we make our big choice.

I really want to do every route since all the characters really grew on me once I played through the game a few more times. The progress below is a conglomeration of 3 different playthroughs so yeah, you can imagine how much missing stuff I saw. Maybe eventually I will cover all routes but for now, just one (unless I change my mind before I start the 2nd game).

Anyways, let’s continue on with Galaxy Angel and its 7th Chapter.

The usage of Galleries really make it easy for me here.

We finally make it to Rhome and the Angel Wing come in to complain on how long it will take them to land. Tact is called by Luft to attend a military meeting.

GA- Assistance

We spend our free time with Vanilla , she seems more relaxed since we’ve spoke with her and we join her in playing the with rabbits. We go to Shiva and engage in smalltalk, he’s enjoyed the energetic trip so far.

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Please tell me I’m not the only one seeing the resemblance.

Miliary conference with comments going back and forth. The meeting is nothing too special but Luft informs us that we’ll be relieved command of the Elsior and be moved to another ship. To lighten our moods, he invites the Angel Wing and us to the ball to celebrate Shiva’s safe condition and we are to bring one girl to the final dance. Aint that a downer.

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No one wants you to leave, that much is clear but since our original assignment was to escort Shiva we really can’t complain. Then again, we could say that we need to be present in order for full ass kicking output but Tact has to focus on more important things.

Lester packs up his stuff wishes you luck at the party and choosing a girl while he just cashes out for a bit, prolly gonna go drink himself to sleep or catch a movie.

The little girl Noah from Eonia’s ship appears at the Hangar looking at the Emblem Frames. She recognizes us as the guy who avoided her “big brother”. When we question who it is, she gives a grandious statement about him. She also mentions how pretty the Emblem Frames are and asks us for one. Since the obvious answer is no, she gets mad and leaves.

That's right, Shiva is the only one that gets no text-box
That’s right, Shiva is the only one that gets no text-box. (I got lazy and didn’t feel like turning on the game just for the CG)

Thanks to the miracle of the Cntrl Key, I was able to get the Shiva subplot just for the sake of showing any dear reader (and completing the CG Gallery). We go to Shiva’s chamber to inform him of the imminent arrival on Rhome, but the attendent tells us he’s in the Whale Room. Shiva is with Kuromie and the former gives his regards in helping him. Shiva is worried about his future as he is royalty without any experience. Tact gives him a lecture at how all these events bearing down on Shiva’s shoulders make him more fit for leadership than anyone else. Shiva then asks Tact who he’s going to ask out. Tact answers Shiva’s array of questions that eventually come to Shiva saying “If I wasn’t a prince…” before we are called out.

After a small meeting, we head back to our quarters to get everything prepared. Then we hear our room bell ring.

The following  is a product for three seperate routes. How it works is that you can get a maximum of 3 potential character you want to romance. The minimum amount of playthroughs involve two but the third one I did was for Shiva subplot above. First Run for this playthrough ended with the exact same trio that I had gotten in my very first playthrough with Ranpha, Forte, and Vanilla. 2nd run for the playthrough ended with Milfie, Mint, and Forte.

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Coco and Almo run up to us on the Hall and hands us a bouqet of flowers. While we first assume that it’s for us, it’s much rather for the girl who we are supposed to ask out. Apparently Lester talked and the secret is out. Oh well.

GA- Straight

Before we make our final decision, let’s take one last look around the ship.

On the Bridge we still find Lester with Almo and Coco. Lester isn’t too fazed about the situation while Almo laments how she wishes that she could attend the ball. Lester decides to offer her his pass as he’s not planning on going, but then Coco steps in to the conversation and scolds Lester for his density. To which Lester still doesn’t seem to get the idea.

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Last meal at the dining hall, nothing too special here since I don’t visit this place too much. The clerk down at the store holds a sale celebrating our departure. Whether or not this man is making full use of the events around him or sentimental about our leave is up to us to think. Creta invites us to party with the engineer crew in the city but unfortunately, that can’t happen. Kuromie happily welcomes us to the Whale Room but realizes this is the last time. He will return as the only male on board now.  Cera had apparently knitted a sweater for us and we take it as a parting gift.

But now is the time.

Who will I go for?

Next time!
Next time!

We’ll find out next time 😀

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