Music of the Week #94

A new beginning

Cowboy Bebop Music

With Oregairu finished, the Spring season concludes and all that remains for me to do is to get that Weeks 1-3 recap on the Summer episodes out. I’m scrambling to get the Galaxy Angel stuff done so if everything goes my way, except a post either tonight or early tomorrow. I’m waiting for the 3rd episodes of the Summer series so expect the recap post to kick off around Sunday or Monday since I wanna get them all in one sweep. Will it be a recap post or a singular post for each recap? Time will tell

Recent escapades landed me three games on me PS3. Dead or Alive 5, Blazblue CS Extend, and MGS HD collection. Haven’t had the chance to extensively play them but if anything: Kasumi pantyshots everytime she kicks. Blazblue is seriously hurting me thumbs (UMVC3 controls aren’t helping). MGS is shifting with the dust.  A long period of practicing is in store for me

This week’s theme is Space Lion from the Cowboy Bebop OST. It’s the smoothest track so far and the top comments on the Youtube page basically sum my thoughts up, enjoy

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