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Due to some setbacks in my regular computer time, I guess I won’t have time to do as much Galaxy Angel as much as I had hoped. The first game is nearly done and for certain it will be finished. I had planned on doing 2-3 routes each on the next two games but the timeframe doesn’t seem to be matching up as some family are coming to town in around two weeks.

I will try to get as much as I can in those two weeks and update anyone reading on the status of the coverage

So with that, let’s finish the last of the Character specific chapters. I kind of overdid with the pictures but at the moment, I think that’s a good thing.

A nicer way to start a chapter.
A nicer way to start a chapter.

GA- At Last

We finally reunite with the remnant army and Luft calls us to inform us that we’re wanted at the counter-offensive when Shiva joins with the main forces. We opt Luft for some downtime after all the hell we went through last chapter and he agrees to letting us rset. Vanilla radios in and announces that repairs on the ship has finished and requests if she could go help out the rest of the ship. More or les everyone agrees that Vanilla is a model crewmember and even Lester goes out of his way to compliment her. We go to Shiva and he readily accepts joining the offensive.

We're in a middle of a war and you call me down for THIS?
We’re in a middle of a war and you call me down for THIS?

Miflie calls in and reports trouble in the park and we rush there. We find the rest of the Angel Wing called down and it turned out to be sakura blossoms blooming. Taking in the rare chance, every, legit everyone decides to show up and relax.  Vanilla however leaves early to attend to other matters.

I constantly forget/remember that this is from 2002
I constantly forget/remember that this is from 2002
Well, she's adorable either way
Well, she’s adorable either way

Sit by Miflie for some love talk, even though I’m not her biggest fan.

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Ranpha complains about her itchy eyes and then everyone else starts up a symptom. The crew on the Bridge more or less understand that this won’t bode well if everyone is sick.

GA- Royally screwed

We check up with Cera and she mentions nanomachine treatments for everyone but there’s only one Vanilla onboard. She decides to undertake the job anyway.

As the days roll by, Vanilla has treated a good majority of the crew. It’s late at night in the Elsior, and before we head off to bed, we survey the ship for some late night strolls.

We're getting girl advice from a...wait how old is this kid
We’re getting girl advice from a…wait how old is this kid?

Kuromie has other dialogue here when we ask him about Vanilla and we learn that Vanilla is somewhat unaware of her stress levels since she’s always so level-headed. Her intentional avoidance of other people factors into that and Kuromie advises us to try and talk to her about herself and her condition.

Bridge with the crew, everyone seems to be alright. Lester expected us to not do our duties and sends us off so we can mess around a bit more.

GA- Fanclub

A certain crewmember gets cured of his hayfever and greets us and mentions a club for supporting Vanilla. Unaware of how popular she is, apparently there are a lot of members. Vanilla doesn’t really about fanclubs but she allows the existance of her personal fanclub.

GA- Single

Cera prepares to close up the infirmary as Vanilla has already left for her other duties. Our concerns of an overworked Vanilla is agreed upon by the good doctor and she wishes for the crew to continue supporting her. She’s also single when we mention she’s like a mother.

I'm smelling a Macross reference
I’m smelling a Macross reference

In the rooms, Forte and Ranpha’s disagreement about food (which leads to the above event of movies). You have to love how everything has the word “space” in front of it. Vanilla getting food for the animals in the Dining Hall. I really can’t get too many pics of her since she always reply with short responses. We go to Shiva’s room to discuss future plans for his royalty. He’s not too worried about it and out of nowhere we ask for some food (cause we’re that pathetic).

Forte calls us up to have a small chat in her room. I decided not to because she’s frankly not the end I’m going for. It’s not that I don’t like her but for the first game at least, I’m not aiming for her end. For those who are curious, we see her in her casual cloths and talk about how unusual of her to wear perfume and she seems to respect us a bit more than before.

GA- BunniesGA- Past

Vanilla asks later at night if she can look over the records on the allergy spreading around. We can either go visit her or give her the day off tomorrow, either way we meet her near the animal pen the next day and she runs off to do more work after we tell her to calm down for a bit. She insists that she is alright but then faints and she mentions someone named Sister Beryl as she falls unconscious. Vanilla comes to on the Infirmary and we give her a talk on appreciating others, it’s a familiar concept so I’ll save the summary. If anything, we learn that Vanilla was a foster child to a nun named Sister Beryl. The next day everybody onboard is relieved Vanilla is back but as always we get called up for a fight.

GA- Vanilla in fight

The fight is rather long and we get ourselves a few allied warships. They can’t take too much damage but they deal a lot so they can handle themselves in groups. Once the fight is over, morale skyrockets and once Luft calls in to tell everyone to relax, the word vacation gets thrown out there and everyone plans something to do.

GA- Bunny

Vanilla of course, does not think too much about it but asks us what she could do in the rest period. We take her over to Kuromie and decide to give her one of the rabbits.

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On Eonia’s ship, little girl seems to haveh helped the Hell Hounds get some new gear, and it seems the weak fleet sent in was all part of the plan.

That's the last of the character chapters, THE choice will be decided next!
That’s the last of the character chapters, THE choice will be decided next!

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