Galaxy Angel: Trust Issues

Like I mentioned in the Music Post, I basically forgot most of what happened in Chapter 5 and scrambled through New Game to reach it. It took me a pretty short time and while my choices were near identical to the first run, I decided to aim for the girls I usually wouldn’t have gone for in this 2nd run. While the first game of this series will be covered with just one route, I will due a few routes in the sequels.

Chapter 5 is the “least” knowledgable chapter in the game because it deals with Forte’s lesson instead of Forte herself. While we got the idea on Milfie’s luck and charm, Ranpha’s superstition, Mint’s family, and soon with Vanilla, Forte doesn’t reveal too much of herself in her respective chapter.

Once again, apologies for the lack of pictures in free-roam section of the game, the next games won’t be too buggy

So after the resupply debacle, we get out of Chrono Space to real-space to continue the trek. Forte walks into the Bridge to see if there’s any news to be heard. We tell her that nothing has happened, but then we get a transmission from the Imperial 3rd fleet giving location to the rendezvous point. However, suspicion arises when Lester questions to how the Imperial Fleet knew of the Elsior’s location when the entire operation was supposed to be covert. Tact reassures everyone that they’ll deal with the problem but can’t help but feel anxious.

Isn't that just a great way to start a chapter
Isn’t that just a great way to start a chapter
Would of dismissed as cliche, but it's 2002
Would of dismissed as cliche, but it’s 2002

We engage Chrono Drive again and we go off to inspect the ship. Almo informs us before we leave that there’s rumors about a ghost, either everyone’s gone insane or some shit is going down. We run into Ranpha applying paint to some shoes to match the ones she wants to buy, how hopeless. She seems enamored with the Cindarella story and wishes she could have the shoes and circumstance.

Whale Room and Vanilla visiting the animals, she runs off when we pinpoint the reason why she came in. Kuromie explains that Vanilla just watches from through the glass instead of actually interacting with them.

We go to Shiva’s room to finally teach him how to play chess.

GA- Creta's Worry

Infirmary where we find Creta geting a mental check because she states that she saw a ghost the other day.

We confront Vanilla on the animal topic and reach an agreement to go help out Kuromie with taking care of them.

We meet with Forte in the Hangar and she notes doubt in our voice. We share our thoughts on our uncertainties but Forte is rather pleased to know that we can be honest about more grim topics, if they ever need to be discussed.


We stop by Mint’s room and apparently she was moving something. She holds us at her door and then lets us in. She offers us tea and we notice a large grey box. She says its a set of new clothes and we mention the ghost onboard and she seems to know something but I decided not to pry.

Tact puts the girls on standby because everytime we leave Chrono Space, we get ambushed. We arrive at the rendezvous point over an hour behind schedule yet there are no signs of the fleet. Forte radios in and asks if they’re dismissed. We can either dismiss them or keep them on their ships. Choosing the former will raise morale while the latter will not. As we scan the area, we see debris flying around with smoke coming out. Apparently the  fleet was destroyed then enemies appear from rear. Depending on what you chose, you’ll gain the morale back or lose what you gained depending on what you chose.

More long hair
More long hair

Sherry, Eonia’s second in command with her platoon of highspeed frigates show up on radar. Pleasentries aside, we get ready for a fight. We have high-damaging, high speed chasers that go straight for the Elsior. Thankfully, the mission ends when the enemy flagship is destroyed. Since this is Forte’s chapter, that’s pretty damn easy.

Once the battle is won, Sherry contacts us again and gloats about something being in store for us. Then we’re given the second wave of fighters. We choose to retreat and then jump into Chrono space, the Angel Wing are called back. The crew isn’t too happy about them being given so many enemies to fight and ask what has happened to their allies. Tact more or less hints that they’re pretty screwed but since nothing can be done in Chrono space, we dismiss them. Forte is the only one that agrees to the course of action and urges her companions to take it easy for now.

Forte walks up to us on the halls and says she’s not too pleased about Tact not giving them the harsh truth of the allied fleet’s decimation. We promise another briefing after the Chrono Jump and thank her for supporting us.

Shiva is not too happy with the turn of events but still has trust in us

GA- Hah

A stress-induced ache brings us to the Infirmary where we have Vanilla treat us. The discussion becomes silent and Cera starts a new one regarding nanomachine users, including another person she used to work with. Nanomachines require the focus of the user and Vanilla’s seriousness in her duties stem from this and she still calls herself inexperienced. We try to tell her that she’s nothing short of amazing but she mentions that she has failed “that one time” and then stays silent. She asks to be dismissed and Cera shows her concern but tells us not to be too inquisitive.

We find Forte and Mint in the lounge and because of the ship’s mood being at a down low, she’s starting to take in the moodiness too. Forte tells us to buck up and not be a cause of further moodiness. Since it’s our job to cheer everyone up, we leave to go spread the happiness.

Vanilla takes a break in the Halls and we ask if anything is troubling her, which she responds to with a no. Forte comes in and asks the same thing and gets the same response. Vanilla is confused to why if she should be worried but as long as one person isn’t too crippled in mind, it’ll hopefully spread to others.

Such are the words of comrades
Such are the words of comrades

Lester finds our uncertainity on the next course of action to be a sign of further uneasiness and tells us to go take a walk. Almo reminds us of the ghost walking around. In the halls we hear plopping footsteps and we checked to investigate.


Apparently she wanted to cheer us up after the incident. Take that for what you will but if someone wears that just to cheer someone up, that’s just awesome.

GA- Cornered

Forte calls us down to the Whale Room and knocks us down on the water and starts laughing. After Tact swims for his life back to shore, Forte explains this assault was to alleviate his worries.

Cheesy and I regret not screencapping another part of this dialogue scene
Cheesy and I regret not screencapping another part of this dialogue scene

She asks for what the true situation is and we spill the truth and even she finds it worrying, but nothing to completely lose one’s head over. While she doesn’t trust us completely, she still has faith in our abilities and tells us to trust in ourselves to begin to trust others.

As Chrono Drive ends early the next day, we give the full situation to the Angel Wing and ready ourselves for a fight after reaffirming loyalties. A huge fleet is waiting for us and Sherry’s crew manages to show up behind us. Eonia himself is within the fleet’s ships and is ready to destroy us after we refuse to hand over the Prince.

This is the toughest mission and it involves a group of highspeed enemies in pursuit of you from the rear while the front has a load of tanky rocket ships. I made Forte tank up and eliminate the longer range guys in the front while the rest tried to get the highspeed chasers away from the Elsior. Forte’s regular guns made easy work out of the longe rnage enemies so I used all the specials to kill the chasers. Remember that this is my 2nd time through the game since I forgot this Chapter’s details and I pulled it off without losing anyone.


We make it past through and reunite with freaking LUFT who repel the enemies away. Eonia is impressed and Sherry is ordered not to pursue. Eonia apparently had a little girl with him too named Noah who is somehow wanting to see if she can make something better than Emblem Frames. Anyways, Luft returns onboard and explains how his sacrifice in the beginning wasn’t one at all. The enemies had no interest in his group so he flew straight for Rhome. He’s proud of how we were able to get along with the Crew and finally the Elsior is able to take it easy

He knows what's up
He knows what’s up

Honestly, this was a pretty short chapter. The game prolly knew that Forte would be overpowered in any sort of “destroy all targets mission” so they just decided to make this chapter the hardest by having a bunch of ships go after the Elsior instead of fighting. One more Chapter for Vanilla and we get to finalize who we are going to officially romance, stick around everyone/anyone.

Half way there, go go go
Half way there, go go go

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