Galaxy Angel: Trust Issues

Like I mentioned in the Music Post, I basically forgot most of what happened in Chapter 5 and scrambled through New Game to reach it. It took me a pretty short time and while my choices were near identical to the first run, I decided to aim for the girls I usually wouldn’t have gone for in this 2nd run. While the first game of this series will be covered with just one route, I will due a few routes in the sequels.

Chapter 5 is the “least” knowledgable chapter in the game because it deals with Forte’s lesson instead of Forte herself. While we got the idea on Milfie’s luck and charm, Ranpha’s superstition, Mint’s family, and soon with Vanilla, Forte doesn’t reveal too much of herself in her respective chapter.

Once again, apologies for the lack of pictures in free-roam section of the game, the next games won’t be too buggy

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