Galaxy Angel:Resupply

Seasonal Transitions going on with a lot of distractions plauging my writing-time. I blame myself for marathoning the Angry Video Game Nerd but the need to game hit me again and the only way to play more Galaxy Angel, is to cover the previous chapters.

Just that I’d break the ice with this post. 2 more “talks” on the spring season remain while I decide how to tackle the Summer season because…well….it’s not as impressive. Now, as much as I previously that the Spring season was “supposed” to be mediocre, I really have don’t too many doubts that this season is very weak.

Enough of that though, let’s continue with the game/

Chrono Drive begins after we evade the chaos caused by the drone from last time. It’s relxation time but Lester informs us of the supply problem and wants us as our lazyass commander to go about the ship and see how much we’re lacking in provisions. So off we go cataloging everything wrong around the ship.

GA- Mint

We join Milfie and Mint in the Dining Hall. Rationing leaves us little to eat and Milfie just happened to have the last remaining food. Mint however is in deight as all the food left to serve are deserts. Because of the excess of sweet, she even offers us some.

Ranpha shows up to the room and is pissed to find out there’s nothing left. She gets even angrier once she learns Milfie finished off the remaining food. She starts a tantrum of how Milfie has kept doing this to her since their younger years. Apparently, they have the same experience we have with Lester, friends since academy years. Ranpha storms off and we can either comfort Milfie or go after Ranpha. Either way, we move off to inspect the rest of the ship.

The Convinience Store is also suffering from the shortage and we find Milfie and Ranpha searching for some food. Mint joins in and offers everyone a full meal with her stack of sweets in her room. After everyone eats their fill of sweets, Mint decides to accompany you to inspect the ship’s supply situation.

She'll probably shoot it
She’ll probably shoot it

Vanilla and Forte and coffee problem. Either get cups or doubt everyone’s help. Asked Vanilla who ran off to get some spare containers. I especially liked the comment here. As we move on we learn that:  Creta wants her idol CD’s,  Infirmary needs more coffee, Storage is empty, Shooting range needs more ammo, and Kuromie needs more supplies to sustain the animals and plants.

GA- Lester

We report the list to Lester who understandably agrees that we can ask for a bit more than usual since you know, we got a freaking prince over here. Anyways, we narrow down the supplier info including not ratting us out or any of the sort and that comes to no one. Mint however adds her father’s company and she seems a bit reluctant about that. Either way we call the company but automated fleets show up on radar

GA- This guy

Escort mission involving getting a few cargo ships to the northeast corner while we’re situated beneath them next to some enemies. Since it’s Mint’s chapter, she does exceedingly well. Out of nowhere, Vanilla gets the other half of the kills later on.

This spokesperson/businessman who reminds of the smiling dude from Family Guy offering us everything imaginable. I’m not going to even see these things in-game so: REJECTED!

So after rejecting some luxury items, we get off from regular duty again to check around the ship.

GA- Vanilla

Infirmary first and foremost to see the relieved Cera and Vanilla hanging around the area again. Apparently, she’s the one that makes amazing coffee even though she doesn’t even drink it. Hangar check to see if Creta and her crew scream about their new products but instead we have Vanilla running around with repairs. We can (of course I’m going with) tell her to relax for a bit and calm her down with a short massage. Oh boy

Shiva and Forte again buying stuff. Shiva has no idea what to buy but does take interest in the chess board. The chessboard is part of Shiva’s subplot but even if I can access that or not in this playthrough, but I decided to get it anyway

Highlight of this chapter
Highlight of this chapter

Bridge with problems dealt with, everyone seems to be calmed down and morale returns to balance. Almo asks us what’s with Lester’s eyepatch

Move foward, it's our only hope
Move foward, it’s our only hope
2002 art still holds up in my opinion
2002 art still holds up in my opinion

So with everything back, we visit the Park to find steam everywhere. Suprise suprise, there’s a hot springs mode too. There also was a singing contest that occured before now that I remember it, but eh, it doesn’t deal with what I’m going for.

GA- Time with Mint

With everything dealt with, we get invited to talk with Mint for a bit. She asks why we asked for less of a discount when we could of gotten everything we wanted. More on Tact’s part than ours, but he says that we don’t want to get used to the discount if they ever need that much help again.


Thinking ahead impresses the blue-haired ojou and then she asks if all the candy makes her look childish. Of course in my mind, I would definitely agree but she gives a legit reason on why she just loves sweets that much. Tact’s curiosity allows us to hear of Mint’s father’s message and we hear from her that the reason she moved away from her family was because her father was more worried on the business. Other than that, the conversation ends with a relationship deepend.

We rejoin Lester on the bridge after a few “boring” days with little to no action. That all changes when immediately coming out of Chrono Drive, we get hailed by none other than those two bozos, only this time they brought friends. Cue the Starwolf Theme

What the hell is Sasori doing in space
What the hell is Sasori doing in space
It's sad we never get to see more of her
It’s sad we never get to see more of her
How is this kid a mercenary?
How is this kid a mercenary?

Even though these guys talk tough, after that conversation with Mint, she’ll be wrecking a lot of shit. Add that with her Flier Dance, makes for an easy mission. Don’t worry though, we’ll see these guys again. The actual fight for me ended with Mint doing the most work with Forte out of nowhere getting a good amount of kills. Vanilla following in 3rd place with a decent amount of ships down.

GA- It's a Date

The Chapter ends with another talk with Mint and we learn that she never tasted the joys of cheap fast food, so why not clog some arteries with friends eh? In all seriousness, it’s a pretty cute scene and we get discovered by everyone else. Anyways, that’s Chapter 3 which actually has some character backstory

Sorry for the delay, let's get the first game done!
Sorry for the delay, let’s get the first game done!

I enjoyed this chapter a lot more than Ranpha’s because it wasn’t going around finding something as trivial as a charm. I daresay Mint is more complex and have an enjoyable chapter with her background

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