Music of the Week #92

More things to come

Cowboy Bebop Music

Hentai Ouji is getting its review as I’m typing and Shingeki no Kyojin and Oregairu will follow. Kyojin will get a Mid-Series talk and not an actual review. In Oregairu’s case, I had so much to talk about that I had to rewrite the entire thing twice. I finally found a good way to write about it so that’s the reason it got delayed. New series are airing this week, but nothing I want to watch yet, so I have time to get everything done.

Got back to playing Pokemon again, picked up BW2 to finally finish the damn thing. Galaxy Angel’s next post just needs its pictures added so that’ll be released between Kyojin and Hentai Ouji. Other than that, it’s mostly League.

So nothing else to say (other than this week’s music) but to stay tuned for more updates

This week and the following weeks, we’ll be taking a trip back to the 1st Music of the Week. Cowboy Bebop only was spotlighted for its Opening and Ending, and I feel bad about that so far in. So we’ll be going back into the past and I give you the selected works from Bebop’s OST: With this week’s theme being Rush

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